Monday, November 11, 2013

Deep Pools .. Dark Energy Eyes

To see is to know!
Deep Dark Energy Pools
The physical sciences are blind! They are blind to true knowledge. This may be because knowledge does not come from dissecting physical structures and identifying cells and molecules. To truly know you have to see .. and to see you have to have courage and integrity and not be afraid.

One has to have ancestral mind of the Aikido Masters or the Masters of Zen .. of the Martial Arts. Interact with the force as the force interacts with you.

Since I was a child I do not use my eyes like other human beings. I am very shy and I always try to disguise the way I use my eyes. I can see all around me that other humans do not use their eyes .. those deep pools of dark energy. Gathering and receiving energy.

The world of man descended into a very basic .. materialistic .. physical-matter consuming physical-matter. I have this theory that our early human ancestors drank more than they ate. Early humans fermented all kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits and also fish and meats .. and this was not alcohol .. these were highly nutritious fermented liquid foods.

There is another level of dark energy nutrition that feeds / nourishes the body .. mind and spirit. Human beings totally misunderstand the darkness .. dark energy and its relationship to light. One could say: Blinded by the light! If you have one part of yin and yang totally out of balance .. then the whole world is out of balance.

Wherever I go in the world .. towns or cities .. all the people look at each other. People are very insecure and looking out into the world with a mind full of emotional activities. One reason I use my eyes differently is to protect myself from these neurotic energies. People are frightened .. insecure .. aggressive .. defensive .. hurt .. and mostly drugged with some combinations of emotions that eventually form their "characters" and suck out all their energy.

My own natural instincts together with the invisible worlds taught me how to shift energy using my eyes .. or to shift energy in the way I use my eyes. Creating an inner harmony between the mind and the eyes. So, I shift my focus from the world while being aware of the world. It is not that you do not see the world .. but you do not focus on the world and so it does not capture you and weigh you down.

Our Eyes Capture Dark Energy...
Everything in life is energy! Perhaps the most powerful of all is dark energy. The human mind is a highly efficient repository of Universal dark energy. Currently, the whole world is obsessed with what they can see visually using light .. and measuring impulses .. measuring visual scanners .. picking up visual impulses from the human body and from space.

They are all blinded by the light .. they are not seeing anything!

Everything in life .. including cancer fungus .. imbalance in the human body .. candida overgrowth in the colon .. has a "dark signature". That signature has a "sound". The human eyes do not only see .. but they hear and they feel and they touch. So, be careful how you use your eyes .. because you are being effected by how you use your eyes while living in this world!

I do not focus on humans .. but I scan the surrounding environment: The sky .. the trees .. the grass and weeds .. the plants in the cracks in the roads and at the side of buildings. I see them and touch them and there is an exchange of energy. In the moment you see them they see you. You become one.

The human eyes gather energy as well as sending energy.

But! What do you have at the center of your eyes? Complete and total darkness! Even better than that .. you can see the darkness in the center of your eyes. How can you see darkness??? I am sharing with you puzzles within puzzles .. a mystery .. a hidden power. We live with that power every day and we are not aware of it. We do not see what is right there in front of our eyes.

We gather and send energy signatures through the eyes. How you use your eyes is an art all of its own... Because, your eyes are part of movement .. balance .. co-ordination .. our mindset .. command of the emotions .. part of who we are. Part of our intelligence. How we use the eyes is very important. It either frees or conditions the mind.

The eyes are very special in the human body .. because they mirror the outer Universe.

Most of the Universe is dark with a few Stars and Galaxies! Inside the human being is the same dark light .. the same dark energy. One could say the whole Universe is reflected within the eyes. I see in the darkness... Daylight is flooding into your eyes and should be blinding you. BUT .. the dark energy within the eyes gives order and constraint to the overpowering light. There you have "The Master".

It is difficult to put into words what I see. I have to watch and observe myself .. and then find a way to convey the essence that I find easier to draw or paint. My whole life I draw and I do not know what I am drawing. I don't have to know .. because I am drawing it .. I see and it makes sense to me.

Then something says to me: How are other human beings going to discover this for themselves?

Hidden in the darkness is the light... Hidden in the light is the darkness...

All I can say right now is that your eyes see both light and darkness. The eyes see light and they see dark energy / dark light. It is based on internal yin and yang. It is always about balance. For example, sound is a form of dark energy! Frequency and vibrations are forms of dark energy.

The eyes see frequency .. they see vibration .. they hear sound! They touch and feel!

Hidden deep within the design of the eyes is a powerful vision of life .. the Universe .. connection with spirit .. the visible and the invisible .. darkness and light .. balance .. yin and yang .. love .. creation .. mystery .. space .. our signature .. who we are !!

To better explain what I am trying to share with you I went outside .. it is dark .. it is night .. and I looked up at the stars in the night sky. I look at the moon shining brightly in a cloudless night sky and I look at the stars shining brightly in the dark sky above .. but what I am trying to say is that most of it is darkness and I can see the dark sky !! How can I see darkness ??

Go outside and look up at the night sky and look at the darkness ...
... And you can see it ;-)