Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dark Wave Technology

This is a total revolution in science!

A New Dark Energy Technology
We Never Saw It Coming!

The Dark Wave Approaches Mankind
For those of you following my Dark Energy series in Asia Atlan...

I hope you enjoy my funny sense of humor in my introduction quote: Dark Energy! We never saw it coming! Soo soo funny!! I hope my sense of humor is not too subtle ??

This drawing / pictograph is a rough semi-elegant depiction of a Dark Wave... The dark wave is the next level of my journey into dark energy and dark light. I will explain this later!

Okay! This is where I get "political" with my Celtic sense of humor... Here we have (on Earth) the world religions of THE LIGHT .. [THE RIGHT] .. and we have the politics of THE LIGHT .. and we have the SCIENCES of THE LIGHT! And .. all of them are blind. You have no idea how funny I find this after what I have been shown!

Even more funny is that they are ALL ARGUING .. they are ALL DIVIDED .. NO ONE knows where to go .. NO ONE has any sense of direction [INSIDE THE LIGHT]. Our Planet is in a mess that we created. Nature suffers .. animals suffer .. plants suffer .. water suffers .. insects suffer .. fish suffer .. birds suffer .. all infected by HUMAN SUFFERING. After thousands of years fighting for THE LIGHT human existence gets darker and darker and darker as we all fall into the abyss.

My "political" statement is this: The world is a mess because we are out of balance!

Yin Yang / Darkness Light
Before I explore the dark wave theory .. I have this to say... It came to me early this morning in the way I am about to write it... You have for thousands of years the people of the yang opposing the yin .. the people of the light opposing the darkness. So, yang grows big and strong and yin grows equally big and strong. The light expands and grows strong. So, darkness expands and grows strong equal to "the light".

You can never create more yin than yang in a Universe based on duality... In a Universe based on the absolute balance of duality. This means Darkness and light .. male and female .. hot and cold .. large and small. For example, you have the microbiological world in balance with the giant Suns and Planets .. Galaxies .. and the Universe. I saw that as a kid... In the same moment I experience magnified giant planets and magnified tiny microbiological particles .. and they were ONE !!

The Dark Wave(s)
I actually think that my drawings more accurately convey the real meaning of what I see / am shown than the words. But! I try to paint in words what I draw in visual art. Then also, the drawings teach me. I see the drawing visually and information comes to me that helps me to put these concepts into words.

Above you see the dark wave as it was drawn onto photo-paper using fine color pens. Then I turned the drawing around to see which is the best visual presentation of the design. I found that all of them are the best visual presentation of design and meaning!

North South East West !!

I tried to show this concept in a composition rotation of the same pictograph rotated in four directions. THAT is the DARK WAVE... When I draw my rational mind goes into subservient mode .. it becomes a tool of the creative mind. But! Just as with yin and yang the balanced rational mind is perfectly reflected in the creative mind.

The two work as ONE...

Many people are afraid of the "darkness"... But! As a child I sat at the edge of dark waters on the shores of lochs in Scotland .. in the middle of nowhere .. in the middle of the night .. with no lights .. in total and complete darkness .. and a fluorescence would sparkle like tiny stars on the surface and deep within the rippling dark waters.

I was never afraid of the dark .. the night. Because .. at night I could see so many things hidden to me during daylight .. where dreams are deeper more vivid and more real. At night there are many more colorful variations of the dark wave than during daytime. For example, the Sun contains dark light. Perhaps more of the Sun is dark energy than there is visible light. The Sun and Stars contain dark matter.

I visually rotated the drawing of The Dark Wave = North / South / East / West. I can turn the drawing in my hand .. but how do I turn it for you? This is one of the few drawings I have created where I find that all directions make sense ;-) .. and this is what I mean about yin and yang / darkness and light. This is what I mean about BALANCE.

Power of The Dark Wave...
The power of the dark wave is dark energy. But! As I have said many times the power of light is in the darkness and the power of dark energy is within the light. The people way in the future know what I am talking about. Go deep deep into the depths of space where darkness prevails and you can see so clearly as you never could see on Planets surrounded by Suns.

In the deepest darkness the light shines brightest of all ...

I am giving you clues... I am writing the way I draw... It is the only way I know how to write. I do not want to program you! I do not want to convince you! I do not care if you read this or not! I do not care what you think about dark energy! I simply write .. the way I draw .. the way I see it... The way it is shown to me!

In the future there are giant circular ships hovering above the Earth within the Earth's atmosphere mostly over the oceans of the Planet .. but some sky islands float above the physical land mass. These massive floating sky islands are powered by dark light / dark energy .. and that is the coming dark wave of enlightenment. A completely new energy technology that frees mankind from the suffering we see on Earth today.

Let me share with you what ENLIGHTENMENT means in terms of where I originate from... The dark energy of enlightenment is not only a psychic / spiritual / mind-body experience .. but it is a total societal and planetary experience shared by all and equal to all. Nirvana is not a state-of-mind .. it is a state-of-being.

What is dark enlightenment? This is where dark energy .. the dark field .. illuminates the world. This is where dark light illuminates the technology .. the energy .. the power .. and it creates LIGHT. Dark waves embody the Universal principles of yin and yang. They bind the duality as one. Are you still with me ??

By now many of you will see the golden thread running through all Asia Atlan posts.

Our minds .. our consciousness is balance of two forces intertwined so deeply that the two forces are one force with one origin. The only way I can draw this for you is to say that within the brightest light is the deepest darkness and within the deepest darkness is the brightest light. Within light energy is dark energy and within dark energy is light.

BUT .. because we are born in duality we perceive darkness and light as separate energy forms. And .. they are not separate! It is the SAME ENERGY !! It is the same with the inner human mind. The mind is also following the basic Universal laws of duality. But! The mind is ONE.

So .. we see light and we see dark .. we see sunlight and we see shadow! But .. if you pay attention to what you see then try to visually define the border between the shadow and the light. The moment you try to define the separation of shadow and light you see both equally.

I give you a clue! It is the same balance with DARK ENERGY !! Hahahahaha ...