Saturday, November 09, 2013

Kinetic Chi Superior To Physical Force

When O Sensei was in good form, he could jump as high as five feet off the ground --- his arms and legs would tuck in as though he looked like a ball in the air. It was so unusual. You had to relate it to the warrior Yoshitune's legendares feat of leaping over eight boats in the course of a battle. People say that O Sensei would radiate vigour, as if he were possessed by the spirits and filled with mystical powers.

Kisshomaru Ueshiba - A Life In Aikido

:-) We currently live in a world of "physical force" .. and to this I would also add nuclear energy / atomic energy as well as coal .. oil and gas !! These are all physical fuels .. physical force(s). In terms of basic human behavior we live in a basic world of physical force .. where physical force appears to dominate and overcome all forms of energy (interactions) in our world !!

The problem is that base level physical force considers every other superior kinetic force as a "threat". Simply because .. the kinetic forces are naturally superior to physical force !! It is that simple ...

Because of this base level physical obsession .. humans are afraid of (and destroy) birds .. sea creatures .. animals .. insects .. trees .. grasses and weeds .. planetary interactive life forms such as healthy probiotic bacteria(s), algae, soil bacteria and healthy soil micro-organisms. Solid humans have a heavy footprint!

Kinetic Superior Force!
The problem I have in sharing natural and superior kinetic chi force is that it has always been an unusual and mysterious force .. appearing in my life as nano-second and immediate totally unexpected phenomenon that transforms me as it touches me .. as it acts like a superior martial arts Aikido type force !!

I have been lifted off the ground many times in my life when I was in danger!

So, I wanted to learn (teach myself) .. since I was a child .. high level karate and high level martial arts. But, the invisible guides moved me to inner psychic martial arts! The invisible guides are extremely of the highest intelligence. They do not explain one single thing to you .. but they guide you and leave you to find out for yourself.

This is like the silent and superior kinetic mind...

The superior mind is hard to describe! I can tell you that my original passion was to learn and command the physical martial arts... But some inner awareness connected me with the superior inner kinetic force .. including compassion! I have to admit that I would probably not have comprehended or understood this inner art form if I had ignored the guidance and said: "Forget it! I am going my own way!"

The ancient ancestors know all of us very well in the deepest depths of our souls .. and what motivates us .. our weaknesses .. our passions .. and our fears !! But humans are lacking the inner commitment to apply themselves to extraordinary laws of Nature and transformation of personal inner being. We humans are really most afraid of ourselves.

Personal Transformation
In the past .. in past lives .. the student respects the teachers .. both physical masters and the invisible worlds. I had this passion to learn Gichin Funakoshi's Karate Do .. and that was way back when all I had was the money to buy the book that I held in my hands. I was 13 / 14 years old .. no TV .. no films .. I don't know where it came from.

The reason I tell you this is to show how the ancestors .. the invisible guides sort of pushed me into a corner. They took away the physical element and told me to learn / teach myself the martial arts disciplines of the mind .. the psyche .. and by that I do not mean "fighting" or psychic defense.

So, my whole passion for the discipline of the martial arts was squashed into an inner psychic understanding and application of what I now call "kinetic energy" .. a powerful non-physical energy .. of the inner mind .. the impossible force. Later I attended the Talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti and he was the master of that inner non-physical psychic force we call compassion.

Do not think that compassion is some passive force .. compassion is dangerous.
It changes you!

Masters of The Impossible
The Masters of The Impossible left the Earth a long time ago .. at least in that they stopped teaching humans the fundamental principles and application of kinetic energy. The whole of mankind descended into this base physical material level of existence .. based on mindless fear!
Fear [the root meaning] - to try, to overcome, go through .. trial, risk.
In a way fear is the door or doorway / passage and inner fire (passion) is the passage of Initiation. We always come through the passage to ourselves.

So, each one of us has an inner lineage .. and each one of us has connection to the ancestors in the form of art as kinetic energy-creating landscape of the soul. I can draw this concept easier than I can put it into words. I study and study the inner art of psychic wholeness. I write Crystal Tor and I am surprised by this concept from the guides that we are starving and we come here to eat...

If you look at the world it is clear that humans are greedy for food .. and you are only greedy when you are "starving". If you are not starving .. then you are not greedy for food. Physical human beings caught on the lower base levels of physical material reality are eating and eating .. consuming and consuming MATTER because they are inwardly starving of something much deeper that makes them real / alive.

Kinetic Chi Superior To Physical Force
I teach myself very simple physical movements combining chi within the body and my own "martial arts". Because, I do not want to hit anyone or hurt anyone or fight. Even as a child I always practice alone in nature and the only thing I fight / overcome is the weather .. the cold .. snow and ice of Winter and the rain of Spring / Autumn and the heat of the Summer!

I put a rice-bag on the wall hanging on a screw .. and I try to apply this inner cohesion of physical existence with inner kinetic / psychic force. The invisible guides say to me: Be careful how you hit the rice-bag .. you do not want to crack the wall. At first I think they are joking with me .. but later I am really careful how I use my mind .. because I am sure they are not kidding !!

Basically, that is what this whole post is about...


How do we use our minds? If a small number of people begin to use inner discipline to understand this impossible question... That application is the impossible power of Inner Kinetic Chi within the human being. There were Masters of The Impossible on Earth in earlier times .. and they could touch stone with one finger and the whole stone would simply fall apart.

I knew all this since I was a very small kid .. and I wanted to get straight into it as soon as I could walk... I was very impatient ;-) [...charged up with energy] .. But! The invisible guides said to me: You are going to learn / teach yourself inner silent force!

The Art of Inner Transformation - where thought / ego is "the stone" ...