Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Masters of Dark Energy

And ... They fought for the LIGHT!
... And ... They fought for the DARKNESS!

- Chronicles of
The Lost Brotherhood

Power of The Dark Field(s)
This is going to be my new book .. where I will try to show (as best I can) what was shown to me over the last year and nine months. Then there came a moment in my life where that all came together - like crushing me.

Not the crushing force of fear and not a heavy crushing force .. but a barely perceptible gentle force. It was so gentle .. I was giggling and laughing .. not even knowing what was taking place. That is what I mean by "The Dark Field".

The power of light can totally blind you... It can send you out on a high... It can spook you out of your body and send you on trips into other dimensions. You come back to this Earth plane and you do not know what you saw.

The "Dark Field" is like really cool! You don't know it is there! There is nothing to see! Nowhere to go! Nothing to find! You are here and now .. right smack in the middle of this reality with your own mind at your own level of being. AND THAT is why humans are afraid of "THE DARK" !!

Human beings are afraid of themselves...

I am happy .. giggling .. having lots of fun just laughing! I don't have a clue what is coming down the path towards me. Well! By the time I realised .. the gentle crushing force had already passed. I did not even know I was crushed. I did not even know that something had taken me apart .. leaving nothing behind .. emptied out everything and put me back together again.

So .. people around the world are thinking they want to be Enlightened .. they want to see God .. they want to experience Nirvana! But outside of who I am now! Right? Better than who I am now! Right? More compassion? More illumination? More spiritual power? Maybe you can change the world? With that power?

The superior force is simply inside you... That's all!!

The Dark Mirror!
The dark mirror is shy .. elusive .. gentle .. very humble .. very pure. It is hidden .. very well hidden! You may think that you catch something out of the corner of your eye for a nano-second and suddenly it is gone. Whatever that was catching your attention has disappeared. So .. you think you imagined it! Something .. a fleeting shadow that was never there!

Two drawings of the same force in this post. Which drawing came first? Which eye is open and which eye is closed? These two drawings alone signify the Dark Mirror of The Dark Field. Elusive .. mysterious .. silent .. deep .. reflecting .. unseen.

Jiddu Krishnamurti asked why we never ask the impossible question?

Now I am thinking how do we see the unseeable? How do we see the unseen?

This is the funny thing: I write this post Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013 - in March 2009. To be honest! I don't have a clue. I just see something and I write it and then I forget it all. I think it sounds really cool...
The 2013 March Equinox is the last moment of the receding wave, where humanity will look around and realise they have been moved from the shore on which they had built their previous existence.

What the Ancients call: A New Beginning.
Here we are in 2013 and I catch the last part of the wave .. I am happy .. giggling. I have no clue what has just happened to me. Then I think to myself: Wait a minute! Did I not write something about transformation in 2013? It took a while to find it!

The Dark Wave
As "The Chronicles of The Lost Brotherhood" do not yet exist .. I am going to summarize what I have been shown so far. Return of Atlantis? Yes .. but not in physical form. Someone is about to kick #ss and humans today do not really want to meet those teachers!

You have two out of control extremes on this Planet that basically got themselves into a big mess over a few thousand years. The brothers of the blinding light who are fighting the brothers of the blinding darkness. And .. neither of them can see .. and all of them are blinded by their own belief(s).

This Universe we live in is a Universe of duality. But really .. it is a Universe of balance of duality. Yin and yang .. darkness and light .. yin is in yang / yang is in yin .. darkness is in light / light is in darkness. Neither is good .. neither is bad. It is just the way it is.

If you only go to the light and shut out the dark, you cannot see. If you only go to the dark and you shut out the light, you cannot see. We created this imbalance .. and we live 24/24 in this imbalance and we accept it. The loss of balance and the fragmentation of duality takes place inside mankind.

The dark mirror reflects back to us who we are and what we have become.

No one has an advantage inside this kind of psychotic anxiety of fragmented mind of humanity. Everyone on the planet is effected by this neurosis. The funny part of it all is that the problem lies inside the human being. That is where the problem is created .. not outside .. but inside.

Maybe the gentle dark mirror haunting the soul of man is too gentle .. too elusive .. too loving .. too silent to be discovered or noticed? Or .. maybe the dark mirror is so gentle and so silent because we have to find ourselves within those reflections? I hope that last sentence was not too subtle...