Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Haze - Europe's Air Stinks!

Haze - an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particle concentrations obscure the clarity of the sky. Fog, ice fog, mist, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand and snow form a haze.
Only by direct observation, can you understand...

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It is January 22, 2013 .. and in Europe we are experiencing the same humidity/fog/haze density as China .. not as extreme .. but, with different manifested effects. Teaching us that weather is a planetary phenomenon and not an isolated local phenomenon.

The weather pattern creating the extreme smog/pollution trap in China, is the same weather pattern that is creating the cold, wet, icy weather across Europe!

Winter Haze - Europe's Air Stinks!
Let me explain! The last few days in Europe have seen extreme snow and ice, created by excess humidity .. excess low atmospheric water .. freezing temperatures .. leading to snow, black ice, atmospheric haze, rain and snow...

We do not have China's fog or smog .. but we do have a stinking atmospheric haze .. trapping the moisture, water humidity, atmospheric haze building particle .. creating ever changing levels of snow, ice, rain and snow!

In the last few days I have observed light snowfall, cold winds, ice on the ground, warm winds, rain, black ice, frozen snow .. melting snow turn to ice .. but most of all an unusual endless grey .. overcast .. atmospheric haze that stinks !!

This low lying haze blankets all of Europe!

I could smell the stink in the air today... But, the intensity of the smell depends on the weather conditions at the time. Most of the time the smoggy smell cannot be detected in Europe, because the air conditions keep the air moving.

Ice and Snow On The Trees
In the last few days I have seen [within grey high humidity atmospheric haze] .. snow, melting snow on ice, tree branches covered in ice, snow lying heavy on icy tree branches, melting ice and snow, rain, melting snow, ice, fresh snowfall...

I am happy not to be breathing dirty fog and smog!!

Is the air any different here than it is in China?

I don't think so!

This is where human beings have to seriously work together and realise that they are one. The Earth is teaching us and showing us that we are a Planetary society .. a Planetary race. It does not matter what our unique genetics are... Humans are humans no matter what.

Europe's haze may be high in the atmosphere .. but it stinks!
It is time to harmonise with our Planet!