Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Water Snake Alchemy - Inner Awareness

Alchemy is art .. is transformation

2013 is the year of the Chinese Water Snake or the Black Snake, from which come all kinds of analysis "ancient" and modern .. mostly modern. However, I am going to suggest something new .. although it is very ancient way of looking at the world and at ourselves.

The lost Alchemy of Chinese wisdom.

In ancient China there may have been a more general accepted explanation for the Lunar cycles; but at the same time there must have been a deeper, hidden understanding of these cycles .. especially in relation to mankind - to ourselves.

Each Chinese Lunar Cycle represents Nature, cycles of the Earth, climate/weather and human / plant / animal cycles. Which may insult a lot of people who do not want to consider that human beings are born into and live within small and large planetary and Solar / Lunar cycles.

No matter how elaborate or how sophisticated interpretations of the Lunar Years are .. there is something missing. We have the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, the glyphs of the Maya and many other written forms of ancient hieroglyphic art (knowledge) that seem to be translated into modern language in reduced and unrecognisable forms. The "translations" do not seem to make much sense at all.

Simply, because the missing piece of the puzzle is ALCHEMY.

Either we are Alchemists or we are ??? I don't know!

2013 Water Snake Alchemy - Inner Awareness
If you forget everything that was ever written (in modern times) and you take deep consideration of the snake .. what does it mean outside of physical structures and material existence?

I think that this is the real art behind the Lunar New Year .. it is a form or guide of Inner Alchemy. The original masters of this art did not write down their teachings .. like Zen Masters they taught directly. Only, later was it written down and codified.

I seriously doubt that individual personal "predictions" were made according to the Lunar Cycles; but that the students of the Masters learned Inner Alchemy of the cycles, just as in Ancient Egypt and lost cultures unknown to us today.

Power is how one meets the event / meeting what is.

In our world today people are programmed to focus on and be influenced by or believe in the power of external events. You and your personality are a result of ongoing external events that flow and affect you of your control.

I don't think so!

Although the Water Snake can bring a year of challenges and changes, this does not mean the energy of transformation is out of our control .. or more accurately, is out of our reach.

The Alchemy of energies or energy cycles are related to Inner Alchemy. We are a part of the outer and the outer is a part of us. There is a connection. Nothing happens by chance.

The energies of the snake (the serpent) are powerful and secretive. These are not external energies. This is a time of inner decline/weakness or of inner harmony/strength. Snake energies, especially related to water, are inward looking and reflective.

Snake is also the spine/vertebra circulation of chi/life force.

People imagine that the snake is "deceptive"; but the snake is cunning, silent, hidden and extremely aware. When snake energies are powerful within an individual, you do not see them. I imagine that the water snake is even more powerful in this respect.

In Ancient Egypt you see the snake appearing at the forehead or third-eye. This sign/symbol would be the Inner Eye affecting matter in unseen and hidden ways. This is also caution as to how we use our inner powers.

The higher form of Alchemy would not be outer transformation; but would be inner transformation and awareness. The snake does not just rush out and do things. The snake is highly aware, watches, observes, moves slowly .. although, is ready to strike in less than a nanosecond.

The snake never wastes energy!

Imagine an outer "serpent monster" like a symbol of Initiation. Where do we overcome or pass beyond this challenge? Inside! Not outside! The energies demand inner strength .. or inner cohesion .. a deeper inner balance between forces of Yin and Yang.

Humans are so far removed from the balance of the Yin/Yang or inner/outer cycles. The Earth's climate is outside challenging the inner force (awareness, spirit). In other words: Earth Changes affect us inwardly.

What if your soul/spirit has many thousands, tens of thousands or millions of years of Inner Wisdom? What if the human soul has infinite wisdom beyond time? How do you access that wisdom? How do you use that wisdom?

First, you have to know it exists!!

If I was an ancient master teaching students how to apply themselves to the cycle of the snake. I would say: Be calm, pay attention, move slowly and be aware at all times. Look inside and find your true spirit. Look inside and find your true nature. Do not be afraid! Be strong! Know yourself!

The snake is a symbol of higher and lower energies united!

The snake moves serpentine along the ground .. the snake moves like water! Yet, the snake is a creature of high awareness, is cunning and silent. Be aware! Cunning and silent go hand in hand...

I once met a real snake on a Summers day deep in the woods. That is a meeting I will never forget. The snake was hidden under the trees in the long grass. It did not move and yet I saw it.

It is hard to describe how powerful these creatures are. I was so large (as a human), and the snake was so small and fragile, so close to the ground. Yet, I was so inwardly small and the snake was so powerful in terms of energy, composure and awareness.

In terms of applied Inner Alchemy, one has to meditate and be aware, pay attention, see oneself as one sees a snake. Use the center of the mind. Remain balanced and hidden. This is very powerful Inner Alchemy of awareness.

The real danger of the snake is in its speed.

Transformation can hit you faster than the speed of light!