Friday, January 04, 2013

Infinite Mathematics

This is going to be one of my more challenging posts, as it is really not that easy to explain insights into Infinite Mathematics.

First! Do not try to imagine that I am a mathematician. I am not good with numbers and I reverse 21 to 12 .. but I am good with numbers like: 11, 22, 33, 44 etc .. reverse 22 and it still looks and sounds the same.

The next problem I have is 2 + 2 = ?
It is very easy .. 2 + 2 = 22

That is how my mind works !!

There ia another kind of mathematics unknown to most humans living on the Earth today. A small number of people may know about "Infinite Mathematics"; but they generally do not talk about it out of fear of being considered "dumb" "stupid" or worse.

As I am not afraid of being dumb, stupid or worse .. I can consider the dynamics of what I call Infinite Mathematics °-)

It is not that hard to understand. It is a sort of applied mathematics or what I call multi-dimensional mathematics. The same basic rules apply; but they transform infinitely between the dimensions and even within this dimension.

In my theory, Einsteins claim that the speed of light is fixed .. is essentially wrong. Standard fixations for the speed of light are simply a working model limitation of Infinite Mathematics, because the system has problems dealing with INFINITY and an INFINITE number of INFINITE systems.

We humans apply: "Keep It Simple Stupid" dynamics to our calculations.

Infinite Mathematics
Take Einstein .. or any mathematical model of the Universe, of physical matter, in physics or distances in space (whatever). Humans come up with Quantum Theories, that have to be mathematically proven .. or are shown to exist.

It just came to me today, that we take Infinite Mathematics and we draw or define mathematical structure / limited structures within the Quantum Field of Infinite Mathematics. I hope you are still with me!

For example, Einstein could design his own limited mathematical structures and calculations within the larger field of Infinite Mathematics, because smaller and larger theories fit into Infinite Mathematics when they follow the rules of Universal Mathematical Structures.

As you can see this is difficult to explain!

Imagine you are Van Gogh and you have a canvas in front of you. That blank canvas stands between you and the landscape you are painting. Van Gogh follows certain laws of Nature and laws of mathematics .. perspective, depth, colour and design .. to abstract the actual living landscape and put it or interpret it onto the canvas.

Einstein did the same! He extrapolated from the source of Infinite Mathematics!
Extrapolate: To infer (an unknown) from something that is known.

To those who claim that Time Travel is not possible and the speed of light is a fixed constant? Sure! For them that is true, because they are looking at the "landscape" through a particular defined mathematical model.

It is the same with Einstein as with Van Gogh .. one paints a masterpiece onto canvas using the medium of paint. Only! Van Gogh knows what he is doing and does not claim that his paintings are absolutes! As, the other (Einstein), paints a mathematical canvas .. but claims his lines are absolutes. That is the problem with science today!

3 + 3 + 3 = 333
What I am trying to say is that you have this Infinite Mathematics supporting limited applied mathematical models on Earth, as long as the human mathematical models fit into the Infinite Mathematical Fields.

From my own perspective, you have Einstein or Newton and other Quantum models fitting into a much larger Infinite Mathematical Field, and these models work as long as the limited theories fit into the inter-dimensional quantum mathematical landscape.

It is not so much that Einstein is/was a genius .. but that Einstein could fit his models into the landscape of the Infinite Mathematical Fields.

One example of this is that Einstein's models work mathematically, although he was wrong about the speed of light. It is the same with Newton... Some Newtonian equations work and some do not work. But do you know why some of it does not work? It is very simple!

Van Gogh did not say: My painting of Starry Night is what all of you will see when you go out and look up at the stars on a clear and moonless night. Van Gogh did not set a constant for his work. He simply applied his structure within the order of Infinite Mathematics.

Another example of this is building bridges. As long as the structure of a bridge applies to the constant of physical mathematics, the structure will stand. The mathematical laws of building a bridge structure are constant? Right?

No they are not!

The structure of a bridge has to interact with and survive changing constants .. including structural aging as well as changes in the outer environment. Although changes in the environment can be compensated for in the design .. heat & cold .. there are many more levels of changing constants we humans do not compensate for.

One level is: It may be too expensive to build an indestructible bridge!!

Nature overcomes that problem by, death and renewal...

Artists know they are painting a representation of Infinite Mathematics as applied to their own understanding of what they are seeing, within a living moving field. No artist says, I have just defined "reality".

The mathematical theories that work, in terms of applied mathematics, are simply the theories that structurally fit into the greater field of Infinite Mathematics.

What happens .. then .. when we realise this?