Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meteor Showers Invisible Dark Fields

Aristotle .. 384 BC–322 BC .. thought that meteor showers were part of a phenomenon that affected the Earth's atmosphere and the weather. He named the phenomenon, meteors [the Greek word for sky]. Meteorology means: The study of the weather.

Meteor showers are said to be created from the Earth's orbit passing through remnants of ice and debris from a comet's tail. Meteor showers [shooting stars] are observed as bright streaks of light crossing the night sky as small meteoroids enter the Earth's atmosphere.

Aristotle was right!

The cosmic interaction between the Earth's atmosphere and the space-field the Earth is passing through, create atmospheric phenomenon (meteor showers) that most probably affect the weather in ways we do not yet totally comprehend.

Meteor Showers Invisible Fields
Let me now try to explain the meteor showers "invisible fields". I was going to write "invisible particles" but they are not diverse particles. As the Earth's orbit passes through a field of particles and vapor. Only! We cannot detect the vapor!

Part of the reason we do not detect the unseen vapor fields, that are a major aspect of meteor showers, is because the Earth has so much moisture in the atmosphere. How do you measure water entering watery planet? The Earth's atmosphere immediately soaks up the invisible field, and all we see are the bright streaks of shooting stars within that field.

This is part of my theory: That deep space is wet and that space, Galaxies, Solar Systems and the Universe are watery environments. That this water is in forms that we do not yet recognise. I think the water of Planets and Moons comes directly from the Universe.

Apart from 2013 being a great year for spectacular comets, this year will also be a good year for meteor showers. I suspect that depending on the Earth's orbit interaction cycle, meteor showers can be medium, poor or somewhat spectacular.

One of the reason scientists do not consider that meteor showers and comet tails affect the Earth's atmosphere and the weather / climate .. is because they think all there is to a meteor showers are a few shooting stars.

Tiny fragments that burn up brightly in less than a second.

This does not make sense! What is holding these tiny fragments together in orbit? There has to be a more powerful unseen and invisible medium, and that is the "watery field". I say "water"; but this is not water as we know it.

There has to be a high level of moisture (or nuclear water) in the bright burn up of meteorites as they shoot down through the atmosphere. Why does modern man worship matter and ignore water? Is water feminine? The Universe is probably more water than matter.

Let's say there is an invisible field associated with meteor showers and comets that has not been detected by man on the Earth. It is essentially life giving, bringing cosmic breath into the atmosphere of the planet. This field interacts with the atmosphere in profound and life essential ways.

To try and make this more down to Earth...

Solar System & Human Creation
Imagine that the Planet is like a womb and the meteorites are like sperm. If you could magnify a single sperm and you did not know what is was, you would never think or consider that this sperm seed can cultivate the body of a human being.

Sperm is carried within a fluid.

It is the same with meteorites and perhaps with comets. The meteorites are like cosmic sperm, seeds from space, and they are carried within a fluid .. which I call "the field". Who knows what mystery lies behind those tiny shooting stars!

Even if one knows that sperm+egg=life .. it is still an amazing phenomenon that only raises more questions than answers. Trying to figure out the genetic mechanisms alone, is like trying to look at the night sky through a pinhole.

The human was created from the Universal Template.

Human bodies have to follow universal creation laws. So, you have this creation mystery expanding thought space-time, just as you have the principle of creation on a smaller level within the human form. We are a micro-cosmos within the greater cosmos!

Sparks Within The Field
The way I see it, meteorites are the visible part of Earth's interactions with an invisible flowing field. Meteorites are the sparks within the field, the energy (fire) that sparks and shows us something is happening. Meteorites are the bright part of the interacting field. The rest of the field is probably Dark Matter or what I call Dark Pools, as they contain presently unknown forms of water.

Feminine water and male fire combine, creating physical matter! Therefore, matter contains both a yin and yang aspects belonging to male (yang) and female (yin) forces combining. Within material life there would then be endless variations of the yin yang balance.

For example, the Sun contains water and fire [in my theory], and is in itself a major creator and sustainer of life. The Sun keeps the Solar System alive, as well as maintaining Planetary life down to the most microscopic level.

Does the fire of meteorites (yang) travel with its companion, the watery field (yin) .. bringing unseen elements to Earth and seeding the Earth with life?

Instruments cannot detect the dark field; but the human mind can!