Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smog Not Smaug

Ancient cities sprung from marshes, researcher finds
For more than a century, archaeologists have believed that ancient Mesopotamian cities – places like Uruk and Ur – were born along the banks of the great rivers of the Middle East and depended mainly on irrigation of surrounding deserts for their survival.

Dr. Jennifer Pournelle, a research assistant professor in the School of the Environment at the University of South Carolina, has a different theory. She believes that the great cities of southern Iraq grew and thrived in vast lowland marshes fed by those rivers, not along the banks of rivers themselves.

On January 1, 2013 I wrote about mists and fog .. it is still too early for the volcanoes. I saw it visually, and I later tried to understand what I saw. My understanding brought me to: natural cycles. We live in cycles within cycles.

Why is this so important to understand?

It is something we should learn about, study, be aware of and not be afraid of these natural cycles. Our early ancestors understood this, and I feel that we - as planetary humans - are returning to that understanding of the natural world on which we depend.

Beijing is having the worst fog, smog and air pollution they have ever had and the smog is so bad the Government have warned people to stay indoors and not breathe the bad air. In fact the heavy smog conditions, the worst on record for the city, are said to be lasting until Jan 15 and that people should avoid going outside (where possible).

Cycles Within Cycles
I don't know this to be a fact; but I am thinking from my observation of Nature that these cities are built on or around marshland. I am not a geologist and I do not know if this is the case .. but from my observations I would say that a lot of the air and smog problems are badly designed cities build across marshes.

London is another example of a badly designed city built on marshland. Marshes contain everything mankind needs to survive. Marshes channel much needed water, they are flatlands, they allow ease of movement and prosperity. Marshes are/were rich in natural resources .. both plant and animal, fish and birds. It is not so good to build on them .. and that is why I say "badly planned cities."

In certain cycles you are going to have mist, fog and smog lying low on marshlands. I would imagine that marshlands naturally emit / breathe out gasses, under certain climatic circumstances.

People living in these locations are living in damp wet and cold/moist conditions where the air can be still and hang for days or weeks over the breathing marshes .. energies that are locked under the foundations of marshland cities!!

That is another aspect of what I call "bad planning". Like architecture for DuMMiEs (or by dummies) .. where cities like London blocked, destroyed and paved over all the rivers, waterways and small streams offering land irrigation.

Don't think that because you build over waterways, marshes and streams that the water and the water vapor just goes away. The climatic cycles and atmospheric water/land relationship still exist above and below those cities! It doesn't just go away.

Year of The water Dragon 1952 / 2012
I did not know any of this before I began this post. I simply researched it all in the last few hours... The Chinese Water Dragon Cycle: 1952 and 2012 .. and what do they have in common?

The killer London smog of December 1952 !!

This is what I mean about natural cycles .. cycles within cycles. Maybe, someone should research and understand the actual science behind the Chinese wisdom of nature and the elements of the Lunar Year Cycles. Hidden in these traditions is a form of Geomantic Alchemy!

The Great Smog [Not Smaug]
The Great London Smog of 1952, created by a period of cold weather, combined with an anticyclone and windless conditions, caused severe air pollution that affected London over 5 days in December 1952.

Although they blame pollution for the deadly smog .. in reality .. it is air vapor doing what marshes do and trapping pollution particles within the natural cycle. The man made pollutants increased inside the natural weather / climate / marshland cycle.

January, 2012 .. the end of the Chinese Water Dragon cycle. The city of Beijing, that I imagine is built on marshlands and flatland waterways, is hit with one of the most severe smog / pollution events to be experienced by the city. The event is so severe, the Government tells the Beijingers to "stay indoors" !!

Year of The Water Snake 1953 / 2013
If the ancient Chinese masters left humanity a legacy of accurate Geomancy and Alchemy, then could volcanoes play a role in the mists and fog? I don't know!

I did some research and something came to me involving the 1953 Ruapehu and the Tangiwai New Zealand disaster, that took place in December of that year.

At 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve 1953, the debris at the outlet of Crater Lake collapsed. About 340,000 cubic metres of water poured into the head of the Whangaehu River and swept down the valley, picking up sand, silt and boulders as it went. Soon after 10 p.m. this volcanic mud flow, known as a lahar, smashed into the main trunk railway bridge at Tangiwai. The concrete piers were knocked out and the bridge partially collapsed.

Mt Ruapehu, did not erupt .. but the outer crater of the volcanic lake suddenly collapsed, causing the release of a lahar [a mass of water, ice, volcanic rubble and ash]. The long flow of quickly released water and the long body of the train caught up in the disaster; both follow the signature/energy of the snake.

The snake is low lying, serpentine and 2013 is the signature of the water snake. That may include the image of water serpents .. breath, vapor, mist and shrouds .. that which is hidden .. unseen .. unexpected .. is slow moving .. that can suddenly and unexpectedly transform!

Of course! Matter is a form of energy!

You don't have matter without energy .. as energy/magnetism holds matter together in its physical bonded state. Release the energy and matter no longer holds it physical form.

Humans build extensively and without thought on flatlands that were marshlands; but when we waken up to the dynamic nature of the world we live on .. then perhaps humans will build totally different living areas in harmony with the dynamics of Planet Earth. Harmony begins within us!