Monday, January 28, 2013

Future Self Organising Quantum Computers

In a future life .. I grow computers!

When I have these geek-future insights, I get very excited. You might think that if we cannot build something now then what is the point? That! Is exactly the point! The spirit does not die .. we are connected to ourselves across space and time. Earth's ancient past was not some stone-age without technology. For example, the human being is an advanced form of living technology ..

We are hi-tech!

A lot of our current resource problems today exist because countries need hard to extract resources to create energy, human shelters, transport, technologies and computer networks as well as grow food and make clothing. Everything we do in life is resource dependent. If millions of people suddenly had to live in the wilds without any technology .. they would still require resources!

The entire world organises itself around sharing or competing for limited resources. Metals as well as plastic are necessary to build computers .. as we build them today. Silver .. as well as quartz .. are essential in today's hi-tech world. Magnetic compounds as well as Rare Earth Metals look to be the resources of the future.

Our world cannot shift to magnetic energy without a drastic change in how we understand the quantum physics of matter and reinvent how we source the relevant resources for those technologies. Digging metals out of the ground is no longer the answer!

The answer is plant technologies and plant fiber technologies!

Computers and all technologies - including transport - will be self-organising .. growing from the quantum level a bit like how matter organises itself in the womb or in a seed. Take a dung beetle .. the ancient Egyptian scarab! The female lays the eggs inside the dung-womb-provision-tomb, within which the tiny beetles will develop and hatch. Life comes out of quantum space and is self-organising on the cellular level.

Recently, scientists discovered that dung beetles navigate using the Milky Way as a guide. What I am saying is that this ability is granted to them as part of their sub-atomic creation. The beetles are born with the ability to navigate by the stars. The ancient Egyptians depicted the scarab in relation to the heavens as the scarab guided the soul of the Pharaoh into the afterlife.

Hathor, the cow goddess, associated with the Milky way .. was said to welcome the dead into the afterlife. Hathor - cow - dung - Milky way - scarab / dung beetle navigates straight to the Milky Way! Anyway, I got a bit off track...

What I described is one example of understanding a complex self-organising system, depicted as "mythology", based on a much deeper understanding of physical matter and quantum physics. Just as we are digging metals out of the ground .. we humans are still at the stage of picking up and studying physical beetles, without understanding the higher dimensions. That is why we don't grow computers today.

Humans are still too focused on heavy lead physical dense materials.

The out of balance male (yang) .. yang/fire .. yang/metal .. yang/earth .. ignoring the yin elements. The elements are not out of balance; but the way we currently use elements is extremely out of balance. All elements contain both yin and yang elements in balance. Otherwise, there would be no cohesion.

Self Organising Quantum Technologies
To grow a computer in the future, all you need is a quantum womb and a basic understanding of self-organising growing systems. The computer can be grown from its quantum level using basics of fungi and plant technologies. The blueprint is in the seed and the manifest computer is self-organising and interacts with the environment like plants and trees. There is not going to be all these wires and mainboards.

The shell and the interior of a house can be grown in the same way. Transport and network systems can be grown in the same way without using any kind of metal. There are strong yin elements to these future technologies that will require humans to be inwardly and spiritually balanced.

This is why you see gods and goddesses depicted in all the ancient cultures; because no planetary society is going to develop advanced systems unless there is balance. It takes male and female to create life in the third dimension. When the masculine and the feminine are not balanced .. societies and cultures destroy themselves.

The destruction is currently staring us in the face... Populations growing to increasing demands for declining physical resources. Drinking water / fresh water is one rapidly declining physical resource under pressure from its use in "F#cking" gas, conflicting with the agricultural use of water as well as individual human needs.

Before we can grow quantum self-organising computers, we have to inwardly self-organise and (like the scarab beetle) use our "navigation" system. Watch the stars crossing the night sky. They are showing us how to navigate!!

Cellular plant technologies will allow local community based production and development. It is more like an Open Source Technology that anyone and everyone can use. It would allow local communities to work on, develop and utilise plant technologies within the community to support all aspects of community life. It is possible to create materials harder and more durable than metals using plant fibers. Hemp and other plants will unlock this secret for us.

Imagine the walls of your house grow from advanced cellular plant technologies, they are alive in the same way leaves are alive, and the walls of the house regulate heat and cold as well as photosynthesising light as an energy source stored within the structure of the house. That gives a new meaning to a Hemp House!

The plant world is very close to the female .. the feminine .. and women are an essential part of unlocking the secrets of this world. It is possible that the "metal man" is afraid of all this control being taken out of his hands. Because, yang can have tremendous crushing force over yin and falsely feel "powerful" like a king.

This out of control metal & fire yang imbalance in the world is destroying natural habitat, destroying birds, fish and animals. However, metal and fire out of control ultimately destroys itself. The Universe is about balance, and when basic forces go out of balance they come back into balance through self-destruction. Even within the out of balance yang is a seed of yin seeking balance.

In the future, the next thing self-organising plant technologies can do is to clean up the environmental pollution, including radioactive contamination. We cannot do this today, because it is not on our radar. Also, because out of balance yang aspect mindset cannot discover yin/yang balanced solutions. It is not only about discovering plant technologies; but knowing how to use them.