Monday, May 06, 2013

Event Synchronicity ...

We are all part of an undivided whole.

Following from my last post .. Humans Inside Events Inside Humans .. it is important that people begin to realise and also understand the way humans are designed to interact with the unknown (the unified field), as the unknown interacts with us on a person to person basis as well as on a planetary basis.

For example, I recently woke out of a very clear and lucid dream [and no - I am not a Mason] .. where in the dream I was standing in a desert at the edge of a pristine river. All along the river's edge tall reeds were growing. Slightly behind my right shoulder stood an Egyptian deity that I understood as a representation of Thoth. The deity was holding a long thin staff.

I was looking straight ahead at the river and the tall reeds, with my left foot forward .. when a large green scarab flew out of the reeds and landed on my left leg above the knee. I then tried to get the scarab off my leg and it bit me with its pincers, just above the left knee. That is when I woke up out of the dream.

Event Synchronicity
On the same day as the dream .. that I found totally amazing .. I walked into town to buy some vegetables and when I left the house there was no scarab in the outside hall. When I came back (maybe half an hour later), I arrived at the door to my apartment where I see a large insect crawling across the floor just outside my door.

I crouch down to look closer at the insect and I see a large shiny bright green scarab beetle that is not common to this area.

Sure, we have little dark green dung beetles that crawl across the forest floor .. but I have never seen a large bright green scarab beetle in this location until that moment. Obviously, I got the beetle into a glass and put it back outside into nature. It was a real physical scarab beetle.

Event synchronicity? Just think of the timing of the events. To leave the apartment and to return exactly in the moment that the scarab beetle [identical to the one in my dream] is crawling across the hallway right in front of my door. Some of you may think, so what's the point? How does this effect us? What difference does it make?

The event changed my life. It brought a deeper and fundamental awareness into my life. This is something like a living Spiritual Technology that upgrades the inner psychic operating system of a human being. We work and work on ourselves as we live on this Planet, and suddenly paranormal events emerge from the background field that seem to bring together all the inner work that we do.

It is as though the Earth is a school of the Universe .. where we humans [children of the Earth] learn to interact with the paranormal field as we inhabit physical 3D bodies. We are living within and physically inhabiting a PARANORMAL WORLD that appears to be physical .. but in reality is a highly psychic reality.

Unfortunately, paranormal is something to fear .. something to be afraid of .. something dark that is "going to get you", unless you protect yourself and stay well away from its influence. Nothing could be further from the truth. For thousands of years the current Catholic [conservative] paradigm has programmed the human mind to be afraid of "the paranormal" / the unknown...

The problem resulting from this human fear of the unknown .. fear of the extra-ordinary .. is that humans become isolated, self-centered, irresponsible, insecure, living only for themselves on a Planet that is their "enemy". Living without guidance. The Earth is not a school .. it's a prison? Right? We are all trapped down here in such an unpleasant world. Such a dangerous world.

Outside of that human fear the whole living psychic interactive field is operating .. day and night .. 24/24 .. like a heart beating. The heart of a baby begins beating inside the womb and does not stop beating until the last day of a beings life. You run, climb or walk too much and the muscles in your legs begin to tire and get sore. The heart never tires .. its beating is so subtle that we live our lives day to day and are rarely aware of the beating of the heart.

In a similar way the interactive field is all around us and we are mostly unaware of its presence. Just think of the power it takes to maintain the whole Universe or even just to maintain this Planet .. and yet do you feel under pressure of a power so vast that it maintains the orbits of Planets?

The power of the heart is so great that it maintains the physical organism throughout its entire life .. and this is the same phenomenon that is so unobtrusive and is all around us .. that maintains the living systems of continents, trees, plants, animals, birds, Suns, Planets, Galaxies ... and you !!

You Are What You Think
One of the first things I was taught, by this strange background field [guidance] is that when we think we do not see and when we see we do not think. Walking along the road, humans mainly think [we are lost in thought] .. the thoughts just run like a radio talking to itself with no one listening.

Some people become aware of their thoughts .. the noise .. the chatter .. and they ask: How can I switch off these thoughts that keep running through my head. Then there are all kinds of methods that thought creates to stop thought .. to stop the noise. This guidance said to me... it is very simple! Pay attention, be aware, look at the world around you .. when you pay attention are you thinking?

I soon discovered that when I am aware, looking at the trees, the buildings, the plants growing in the cracks of the road .. thought ends. But, when I am lost in thought minutes go by and I am not seeing .. I am thinking. Therefore, thought is a product of our lack of awareness. It's like, either you fly the aircraft yourself or you switch the controls onto auto-pilot. The self .. ego .. the me .. is thought [auto-pilot].

We are born .. we just switch on the auto-pilot and breeze though life, unaware.

Why do we rely so heavily on institutions? Because, all the religious dogma is thought. Auto-pilot.

Naturally, the enemy of thought .. of ego-self .. is the UNKNOWN. The so-called paranormal .. the mystery! Which, thousands of years ago was the guiding principle behind "religion" or spiritual awareness. The ego-self is not bad .. it simply is what it is = incredibly limited, restricted, serving itself. In ancient times the ego-self was simply the auto-pilot that could not see reality .. that could not interact with spirit reality.

Take a moment to try and imagine "The Unknown"...

The moment you try to imagine the unknown thought freezes .. it stops! That is the unknown. Then extend that moment! We try to imagine the unknown, thought freezes and then we immediately being to think: What was that? Why can I not imagine something unknown? We rarely extend the moment and just stay with the unknown. Be aware! Pay attention!

The next time you are walking along the path look at the world around you and pay attention to what happens to the mind .. what happens to thought. When you look at a beautiful painting and you use your eyes, your whole mind, are you thinking in that moment? When you start to think many thoughts, do you see what is in front of you?

We humans are no longer interacting with events.

When you look beyond the concrete, beyond the grass at the side of the road, beyond the buildings nearby, the trees in a forest, at the path of a river or the tides of an ocean .. when you look beyond the beautiful painting in front of you .. you suddenly become aware that something is also aware of you. Something is watching you...

That is the moment of love. That is when love touches you. True awareness.