Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spirit Human Mind Connection

Our spirit journey is navigating the pathless path

So! Why are we here .. on Earth? Who are we? Who are you?

Long before any of the world religions Buddha taught the "Pathless Path"... Sounds rather strange! How can a path be pathless? In a way the pathless path is signature within the mind, within the human consciousness and within the human brain as defined by the heart. Some say the heart is the seat of the soul. No one knows what the soul is. No one knows what the heart is...

Long before human beings exist on Earth birds migrate .. dinosaurs probably migrated .. fish shoals migrate .. antelope and bison migrate and dolphins .. whales migrate. But be aware !! Plants migrate .. mushrooms [fungi] migrate .. grass migrates .. seeds migrate .. ants / insects migrate.

Birds and animals eat plants, insects and seeds .. they migrate .. and where do the birds and migratory animals plant the seeds and spores ?? In the same way it is the same for humans. On a biological level .. on a physical level .. this is the Pathless Path!

In a similar way: What is the seed of consciousness? What is the seed of life? What is the seed [origins] of your existence? What is the seed [origins] of spirit .. life .. the universe .. cosmos? Why is migration such a powerful force? Comets migrate, carrying primordial life across the mysterious depths of space / time.

In terms of migration the concept of "mind connection" has similar signature to plants, animals, birds.

If you take time to think about migrations of whales, dolphins, fish, insects, animals and birds [including humans] .. then the unseen dynamics of the Pathless Path become partially visible to our minds. In a similar way, I include the heart beating as an unseen signature of the Pathless Path.

The heart beats, and we know it not! The heart beats .. leading us moment by moment through life, and we know it not. The beating of the heart has its own intelligence, and we know it not. When the body is sick .. the beating of the heart changes .. and our rational-logical mind does not understand.

In a way, the heart is a signature of the "Pathless Path".

Spirit Human Mind Connection
The moment any being is born, energy already exists. We are born into an energetic environment the ancients called Prana or Chi [Qi]. So, what is born? If energy already exists and physical matter already exists. What is born into energy and matter .. into physical existence?

Spirit - the human mind connection - is born into an environment of energy [1st] and into physical 3D material environment [2nd]. However, the mysterious and elusive signature guiding our consciousness are feelings, emotions, sensations, as well as the unknown. Just stop and think about it... We are born with a feeling .. a sense of the UNKNOWN !!

What is your primary impulse?

If you ask me that question .. my primary impulse is based on feelings .. on sensation. I feel [sensation / touch / emotion] .. I see .. I hear .. I smell .. I sense. My primary impulse [guidance] is based on my inner feelings .. where my spirit and mind connect. I am inwardly self-aware .. until something [extra-ordinary] happens to challenge that egocentric awareness.

When I observe my own self-contained 3D awareness .. feelings implode. There is no path .. there is no way ahead. I am self-isolated and all I know is that I have to survive .. I have to exist. No matter what! Until a deeper .. more gentle awareness manifests .. way deep down.

We may call this deeper awareness, a past life... But! I don't think so!

How deep do the feelings go? Are the feelings part of a more profound migratory process that is so subtle we do not see it? Is that the Buddha's "Pathless Path". The way that leads us and yet is not "known"? How many of us trust the UNKNOWN? If you have a void right in front of you .. will you step into the void?

At the same time, the moment of physical death and the moment of physical birth does not allow any of us the privileged of choice! It seems that there is a mysterious connection between spirit, mind and matter outside of our control. In a way, "demanding" our respect.

Yet, this mysterious force [awareness] is very gentle, loving and caring. We humans do so many bad things to the Planet we live on .. and we continue to exist even as we break the laws of Nature. That is the Pathless Path... Each human walks the path of their own existence within a universal continuum.

I feel that the moment when spirit connects deeply with the mind / consciousness and physical 3D existence, there is the unfolding of the Pathless Path. The path is ahead of us just as it is inside of us. The path connects spirit .. energy .. mind .. consciousness .. heart and physical material existence as one unified whole.

Fragmentation creates the path of chaos.

Humans are fragmented .. seeking only service-to-self .. afraid .. in conflict .. divided .. alone !!

The beauty of life is that the way ahead .. the guiding signature and our own inner navigation lies within us. Just as the heart beating, knows from its own intelligence how to alter its frequency resonance .. the inner mind / intelligence knows how to navigate physical space-time.

I think that the problem is: We are not paying attention.

The spirit - mind - heart connection is very important... Do not be influenced by the corruption of the current outer [transitory] human psyche and its 3D manifestations. Always align to your own inner signature / navigation .. as though you are an experienced time traveller, who knows and understands "The Pathless Path" of human existence.

Imagination plays a key role in healthy mind and peace of heart!