Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protective Field: Inner Mind Harmony

The mind incarnates lifetime after lifetime ...

I drew this picture / pictograph many weeks ago .. but I did not know what words to write and in which way to write the words.

Using language can or must also be an art form .. not only a means of ego-self expression.

Ego self can use language to promote its own internal [self] agendas associated with its internal self-image. Why do we seek to influence other? This is the root nature of ego self To manipulate is a symptom of the insecure structure of self-image in its most primitive state.

How The Mind Incarnates
People say the spirit or soul reincarnates in physical material dimensions to learn [about itself] and intensify its own true nature. The people get drawn to identity of self-power .. which is itself a form of fear.

You have to look at this phenomenon like yin / yang where there is desire for power manifest in self that has a hidden element like a seed waiting to germinate. This is how the balance of events was designed.

Physical life in all its levels [where there is no high and low] is basically an INITIATION. Physical life is designed as SELF-INITIATION. Essentially one initiates oneself at all levels of self awareness throughout each journey of physical incarnation.

This is why I am happy for small number of people to be interested to read what I write on my Blogs .. because I do not really want the attention or the responsibility beyond genuine interest. If my friends get sick I feel the responsibility: What if I cannot help them?

Actually .. that feeling is essential to find the sensitivity to help people.

When I was experiencing problems with digestion and colon and leaky gut that no professional doctor was aware of or understood anything to do with the complex symptoms. All the specialist doctors KNEW the answers or non-answers to symptoms they essentially did not understand.

Those who KNOW .. they tell you to ACCEPT that you have symptoms you are NEVER going to cure because it is part of life and aging. Like blistering allergy reactions on the surface of the skin that allergy specialists describe as: You now have to learn to live with it #_#

THAT is an INSULT to my body and body intelligence !!

When you know all the set answers .. you actually know NOTHING! The point I am trying to get to is that it is the MIND that incarnates lifetime after lifetime. The mind inhabits the physical body .. and the journey begins from there.

The mind is also in itself a vehicle for some kind of spirit pilot.

So .. you have the physical body [the vehicle] .. you have the mind [hard drive / software] .. you could say the mind is the Operating System. Then you have the third factor: The pilot. Going back it is important to understand that the MIND is a key fundamental aspect of each incarnation.

In a way you could say that the level of internal Operating System [the mind] depends on ones level of INITIATION or AWARENESS. I have to write about this in more detail .. but the SPIRIT has to work with each level of Mind / Operating System that it is capable of using.

The key System Interface is AWARENESS.

Contained within the GRATITUDE drawing is the imbalance we have in the World on Earth today. On one level people who make decisions [are drawn to power] generally use the tactic of bullying and mobbing. This behavior is rooted in fear.

The small number of people who have the deepest [hidden] fear drive associated people into that same state through bullying [mind control] .. and they together direct this force at anyone who challenges them or threatens their power base [their inherent behavior patterns].

That is how they do business on all levels of society.

The essential problem is that the general base awareness in general create this ego-based fear-based shared state of mind = this is actually a DOOR of INITIATION to be passed through and to be overcome using the inner mind resources of AWARENESS.

The negative mind control pyramid [I did not draw it too well] actually rebounds the negativity in a triangular vortex back to the source of that mindset. When you are using that mindset .. you are not going to get anywhere. All you are going to get is the triple density [karmically] rebounding back.

How Gratitude Protects The Mind
I have been in situations of my life that have not been funny... Occasions where I had no money and no food. One was caused by illegal activity of banking institutions that I was lucky to survive. I was really pissed off and in a negative state of mind.

When the Guidance said to me: Be GRATEFUL #_+ I was totally stunned and could not believe what I was hearing! After having a five minute hissy fit .. I decided to try to BE GRATEFUL. I admit it was [at first] not easy to do. When you are in a crisis .. being grateful is not the FIRST thing that comes to mind!

This phenomenon is shown in the drawing .. gratitude / self-awareness .. and it works. This is where the incarnate mind [Operating System] comes into effect. You can get angry .. you can get sorrows or fear. You can also bring peace to the mind that is much more effective.

People who are selfish .. working for ego-self .. cannot bring this peace to the mind. This is what I mean by INITIATION. Gratitude demands a total change of the state of the incarnate mind and an upgrade of the inner Operating System.

I put off writing this post for a number of weeks .. as I was not sure how to share this with people. Two really strange things happened today [I have to film the Eclipse of the Moon later]. I had to save a tiny bird trapped in the hall .. that is a story all on its own .. and later someone stopped me thinking I was a famous personality [seriously].

These experiences were two opposites that led to me finally writing this post.

One the tiny bird level I had to situate my internal energy to convince the bird I was not a threat. That bird was so fast I could not catch it in my hands to take it outside to bird safety land. A few minutes later probably the same energy cause the human reaction of: ARE YOU SOMEBODY FAMOUS / KNOWN.

Do you understand the different reactions of the tiny bird and the human ??