Tuesday, September 29, 2015


In the last post I was talking about not wanting the responsibility of certain kind of mass psychic tsunami .. but I think responsibility is the wrong word. This drawing is more accurate presentation.

I dream of three tsunamis in my life: As a child I had dreams of tsunamis so big they covered mountains. A few years ago I had a dream that I was in an alternative Indonesia similar to this Timeline. That tsunami flooded into a narrow mountain inlet and everyone just swim in the water like dolphins.

Before the Blood Moon Eclipse I had a dream I was on a seashore where I saw the ocean suddenly leave [sucked out so fast] and people shouted run run .. and I ran [in the dream] .. just as suddenly the water came flooding back into the shore. It was so devastating .. then I woke up.

What do I mean to say about responsibility?

Responsibility is something different than corporations and banks and institutions who are bigger than their ability to balance and grow in natural ways. One personal example: When I interact with Invisible Worlds only a small number of beings teach me at one time even though those beings are very powerful. Much more powerful than humans.

In a way I am talking about a man-made tsunami of power .. where the power effect is more dangerous and destructive than the people who attempt to manage or control the power. When you have a seemingly powerful organisation .. you think that the individuals are in control or manage this excessive power.

They have no control.

When the overpowering wave hits back on excessive mass power no one understands the natural laws of balance and harmony. To understand those laws you would have to observe mountains or 2000 year old trees. To make this clear .. imagine what would happen if a tree grew so high and so gigantic that the tree ended up in space. It is not going to happen!

In my last post I said things the wrong way round. I am the way I am because I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for who I am. This means I wish to follow the natural laws of Nature and the laws of the Universe: Harmony and balance. One has to observe Nature to really understand what I am trying to convey.

Awareness Is Key To Harmony & Balance
The drawing I made shows in more depth beyond anything I can write in words. The drawing looks so simple .. but in reality the pictogram is VERY COMPLEX. Simply .. to develop this part of your brain all you have to do [is very simple] is to look at Nature in a relaxed way.

Observe the Nature around you without thought or reaction.

I give you an example .. when I go into town I pay attention to the trees and also to the tiny weeds growing micro between the cracks of concrete. I watch the pigeons and the small sparrows. No one looks at or pays attention to the little sparrows. If you pay attention you see amazing things. They eat tiny grass seeds.

There are so many variations for people to be aware in a silent non-rational way. Just silent mind. To be aware of and observe light and color .. texture [concrete / walls] .. the flow of people .. sound .. atmosphere .. air flows. I tried to show this in my drawing. The inner awareness within man.

Human mind is born into physical incarnation lifetime after lifetime. This means the incarnate ability to deal with "choice" .. or to understand that there is awareness beyond choice. People who cheat and lie think they have a choice = seeking personal advantage. Beyond choice is the power of AWARENESS.

The bigger you are the less you see in life ...

How can responsibility extend beyond the harmonic field? To understand this you have to consider how Nature works. What is the harmonic field of nutrients or bacteria? What is the harmonic field of a tree or a mountain. There is the harmonic field of the Earth. There is also the harmonic field of the Sun.

The harmonic field of the Sun nourishes all Solar System Planets.

Humans are not the Sun .. humans are smaller than trees! This means understanding the power and ability given to humans just like the nature of abilities given to plants and animals. Be aware that plants and animals nourish humans! How can you feel superior to any life source that you depend on to nourish you?

My Encounter With The Bird
I came out of my apartment into the hallway [I always use peripheral vision] .. and I saw a large energy field object from the corner of my eye. The energy field was magnified and moving some distance from me.

The tiny bird trapped inside the hallway was a tufted titmouse [I had to research that one]. The tiny bird immediately caught my field of vision like a magnified holographic computer screen [out of nowhere].

This bird was over in the corner of the hallway with its head tucked into the wing. When I tried to pick it up the bird was so fast it flew up to the window frame and held onto the frame. How did that bird so perfectly fly and in a nano-second hold onto the inner glass edge of the window?

I tried again and the tiny bird moved quickly out of my reach.

If I did not have INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION at this point I could not have caught the bird to take it outside. I looked at the tiny bird and the tiny bird looked at me. I seriously needed the bird's co-operation. I talked to the bird but at the same time I was aware of a super beyond speed-of-light brain to brain communication.

This is what I mean: BEYOND CHOICE.

I became a passenger in my own mind and body. The bird allowed my hands to take it down from the frame and carry it downstairs and outside to the grass where I could let it fly away. I tried to show this deeper process in the drawing. I was observing a larger deeper process of which I was a small part of that process.

Earth humans are the tiny small bird in the hands of AWARENESS.