Tuesday, January 25, 2011

China Plan Mega City In Flood Risk Zone

China (developers) have announced plans to create the world's biggest city by expanding nine cities at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, in South China. That's a great idea and later Australia can help China relocate the 42 million people and help rebuild if the predicted rise in sea level unfolds.

The Sea Level Rise Explorer shows the problematic of building in coastal areas vulnerable to changes in weather cycles, changes in water levels (flooding) or sudden changes in sea level (including tsunamis). Hong Kong and China's Pearl River Delta could face increasing risk of flooding following an overall trend that has seen an increase in heavy rain storms over the past 10 years.

I don't call it 'global warming'. I see a long term trend of climate instability due to large swings in fluctuation through layers of the Earth's magnetic field. Imagine many layers of magnetic density layered like strata. Those ribbons of varying magnetic density undulate and flow together like sea currents. There you have a pictograph of the serpents of the skies battling each other.

During times of extreme magnetic flux the undulating fields can drop down suddenly causing a heavy water deluge to flood key areas all at once. I imagine that key river delta areas also draw the water to them, so there is a magnetic interaction between the atmospheric layers and the magnetic flux of the land.

The developers of the Pearl River delta are planning a mega city population of around 42 million people. The Delta region is an economically rich area. They produce mega wealth for China. But take time to look at the map. Dongguan to the East, Guangzhou to the North, Jiangmen and Zhongshan to the South all have below sea level elevations [up to 10 below sea level if I am correct].

World's River Deltas Sinking Due To Human Activity: A new study led by the University of Colorado at Boulder indicates most of the world's low-lying river deltas are sinking from human activity, making them increasingly vulnerable to flooding from rivers and ocean storms and putting tens of millions of people at risk. Science Daily

This 2009 study was reported in China, "Three river delta areas sinking".

Humans get great benefits, increased economic benefits, from their use of river, coastal and delta areas. We also tend to forget that the Earth has its own long term cycles for maintaining life, of which we are largely unaware. It is not an 'accident' that such an abundance of life exists on this planet. The Earth actively maintains the bio-systems that supports an incredible diversity of species on this planet.

The announcement to create a mega city of 42 million people in such a vulnerable area is not only a question of the future potential for catastrophic floods; but the disruption of the fragile bio-mechanism that is the life-blood of the River Delta area itself. The 16,000 square mile urban mega city will cover an area twice the size of Wales. Do human beings really have to go down that road?