Thursday, January 13, 2011

Earth's Magnetic Field: Etna Erupts Queensland Floods

On Wednesday 12 January, 2011 Mount Etna in Sicily erupted with its first lava flow, turning the night sky a spectacular red. On the other side of the world in Queensland, Australia flooding spread into Brisbane after completely submerging the town of Toowoomba. Experts say that the La Nina effect is the cause of Australia's severe flooding. Changes in La Nina also affects California, Brazil, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The headlines are: Queensland flooding linked to La Nina phenomenon. I read statements such as, the current La Nina weather phenomenon is the strongest in the world to date .. duh! How can that be when historically Queensland has experienced higher levels of flooding than the current levels.

People did not always have cameras and people could not always fly over and look down from the air. In 1606 a Dutch Captain first met with Indigenous inhabitants of Australia and Merchant ships were sailing there until 1770. By 1791, on behalf of the King of England, colonization began to push beyond the trading agreements the visiting ships had with the local Indigenous People. Only recently, over the last few years, have we begun to observe weather events from Satellites and using Remote Sensing Technologies. We don't really know the long term cycle of flooding patterns - not only in Australia but across the planet.

The only feature that has changed dramatically is the rapidly growing urbanization of those areas. It could be that the flooded areas have a long term pattern of severe flooding as part of the Earth's natural life giving bio-cycle. Perhaps we have to recognize when we are sitting on the 'hot spots'.

The Earth provides water and everything associated with life. The Earth provided you (the observer) with a body that you can use to explore life on this planet. If you stop to think about it you are made from the Earth - she gave you (clothed you) in a body, your own little biosphere. The Earth gives you stone and wood to build your shelters and our plant and animal brothers and sisters provide clothing and protection for our feet.

Unfortunately, we have become a very myopic society. Not only short sighted in terms of vision, but extremely short sighted in our thinking. How can La Nina alone cause everything we are seeing? Humans have such a disjointed way of looking at the world. The only missing link that the Earth did not provide is intelligence. It seems we have to bring that with us or create our own wealth of intelligence through interactions with the Earth.

Earth's Magnetic Field
We have the ability to view the whole activity of Planet Earth and the Sun from satellites orbiting high in the Earth's atmosphere. But human intelligence, when it is functioning, is connected to the Earth, the oceans, the atmosphere and the magnetic field.

Water responds to a magnetic field and so does magma. La Nina is probably a larger visible response to the Earth's magnetism. So, my Unified Field Theory is that everything we are seeing on the Earth is a unified response to a Unified Field. Magma and water are magnetic - they both respond to magnetic fluctuations.

I think there are layers of magnetic field density that define the different functions of the Earth's atmosphere from ground level and below ground level, to the point where our atmosphere touches space. In my mind fluctuations in the magnetic field would control the water levels and the magma levels.

I have been studying this for months, observing many pieces of the puzzle to see what happens. Let's say since the Eyjafjallajokull eruptions on Iceland in April 2010 the magma levels and the water levels have been rising all over the Earth.

I think these floods and the magma activation are following the flow of energy along the invisible dragon lines, the magnetic arteries of the Earth. I feel that there is an unseen levitation factor to the water (level) being lifted and sustained as part of feeding the flooded areas.

If I am correct and the dragon lines change, it will alter the ecology of many areas around the planet. Dry areas may see long term flooding or rain will come to arid areas not used to such large amounts of water. The dragon energy lines do not have to change direction, they can also change in intensity. A low field can become highly charged and a high field can drop to a low charge. That alone will alter the local climate.

In my Unified Field Theory La Nina is not the cause; but is a visible aspect of the background force simultaneously moving all weather behaviour throughout the planet. La Nina may be the 'hearts pump' - but what is pumping the heart? Magnetism!

If you lookout over the ocean or a large lake you can feel the intensity of the magnetic field from that body of water. In that respect I wonder is the shock wave of a Tsunami a powerful release of magnetic force as the water rides on the rolling magnetism?

If you look at the powerful swirling movements of fast flowing water it seems like the physical embodiment of magnetic current. So, there is magnetism and it's physical embodiment (water), and together they give birth to and maintain life.

Even in a desert, nothing survives without water.

Current theories of volcanism explain that magma pushes up and drives out of the Earth with explosive force (pressure). The key word is 'push'. I don't think so. If you watch carefully the ash seems to be sucked out as though it is effortlessly dancing up to meet another force. The hot fiery magma flow splutters and dances as though responding to a lighter than air unseen force. The magnetic vortex above the volcano pulls the magma up. It's a magnetic key.

La Nina is not a cause, it is an indicator. La Nina is like a ships navigation compass. It reveals changes in magnetic flux. By the time the volcanoes erupt or the rivers flood, we don't see it coming because we are not understanding the local magnetic artery. The ley lines and dragon lines were known to our ancestors, some mapped out on the surface of the Earth and others under the sea. They could map the current flow (energy) inside the crust of the Earth. Depending on how the current changes, water could return to the driest places on Earth.