Thursday, July 06, 2017

Incarnation Spirit Pathways

Incarnation Pathways
One of the first things I wanted to know when I arrived on Earth was: Where do I come from? What is my origin? As I could see and talk to the Invisible Masters I was [from an early age] giving them a hard time to answer this question for me .. which they never did.

Part of the reason is you do not get an answer until it is relevant.

Relevance is incredibly important on this Planet for all of us incarnate inhabitants .. and is in accordance with how Galaxies Suns Planets & Nature interact. There is no irrelevant interaction in Nature. It is all relevant. That is the secret to life = you have to work out the relevance for yourself.

I was smart enough to figure out the background philosophy [code] hidden within the operating structure of space time reality and I saw that it worked .. so I trusted it [like a guidance or higher intelligence]. We humans have a big issue with trust .. which is all about control. The one thing that will make your life worth living is: TRUST _#

This trust is really silent awareness / observation without thought [as the controller of linear time]. You want to know or understand something and you patiently follow the path [that you created for yourself in your desire to know]. This path of awareness is following principles of Ancient Martial Arts = the various disciplines all follow the same unified principle.

Incarnation Cycles
Through the dimensions dream I was shown or became aware of the mysterious process of Incarnation Cycles. We are not all the same .. but we share the same Planet. This seems to be the point of Earth at this period in space time. Maybe it has to do with the long term consequences of the struggles and the wars taking place in this Galaxy.

Prior to Atlantis Lemuria & Mu different Earth Colonies co-operated peacefully even though they did not like each other = read Doris Lessing Shikasta Series. Then there were a series of catastrophic disasters that take place on Earth in long and short term cycles.

The different ET groups abandoned their colonies mostly due to the high levels of destruction across the Planet and they did not want to start again and rebuild everything. The worst part was that most of it ended up under water and the alignments were all messed up. So .. it was easier to leave than rebuild.

THIS is NOT where we are from _#

In the dream I was working with the higher dimensions .. and they showed me the origins of the problems we face and where the solutions come from. It is easier to look at the drawing and figure it out for yourself. I was shown visually = it was not described to me in words.

On the other dimension related to this dimension the people incarnate on the Planet dealing with the situation were SPECIFICALLY incarnate as teams .. incarnate spirit teams who are designed to deal with things like this. These spirit incarnations are trained or have a special interest and ability to go in and deal with catastrophe.

1. We incarnate in teams
2. We have special skills and interests
3. We know what we are doing

Different Spirit Worlds have different PATHWAYS onto the Planet. The key to this is within the genes and specifically the DNA and there is also a spirit DNA beyond the mundane physical. Everything we think we know about birth & death is wrong .. because we lose touch with our origins.

The origins are where we actually come from BEFORE physical mundane life incarnation. Highly ordered Incarnation Cycles exist in the same way Planets orbit the Suns. There is no accident or incidental appearance of a life spirit in any Incarnation Cycle.

That is truly mind blowing if you consider the implications for all humans!