Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Dimensions Interact & Are Related In Space Time

Dream As Seen From Above
The dream was mid-June around the Summer Solstice .. but it took me until now to understand the dimensions of the dream and what I was shown or what I was seeing.

The people who survived appeared to be like us [in this dimension] but they are only similar and are not us [now in this time scale / zone] .. they were very similar.

Dimensions Related In Space Time
I was shown from above changes in continental landscapes and then I was taken to ground level where I met and talked with the young people who were left after a series of changes changed land & sea configurations.

There were no Governments and no military .. in a situation where the very young and old apparently had not survived. This was a situation where a reduced population of people in their teens to maybe late 20's were working together and co-operating on a local / regional / landmass scale.

You may ask where do they get the transport and electrical power .. but it appeared that someone from "outside" was helping them in the time period it would take them to establish a stable planetary community.

In the dream it was clear I was being shown an alternate reality [dimensions] and not the projected future of this current zone we inhabit today. At the same time there are similarities between the two dimensions.

We inhabit different frequency bands in the same space time continuum.

They affect us and we affect them in different ways: Where land to water ratios are the primary influence factors across all similar dimensions. One example is the land & sea mass is a basic Operating System on which various layers or dimensional frequencies interact.

In eras where valley rifts expand and break apart this activity affects different [similar] dimensions each on their own space time level. This activity has already affected other dimensions and will - at some point - affect this dimension.

In terms of Plate Tectonic Theory: Divergent Boundaries [Rift Valleys] can take millions of years to split [move apart] as sea floor spread occurs. According to Immanuel Velikovsky [Ages of Chaos] catastrophic change is sudden and affects whole Planet in cycles over specific time periods.

The Message
Do not fear .. change happens !! If all the giant trees that had once lived still grew on the Earth ?? New trees could not grow and our world as we know it today could not exist. Move your minds out of the fear of "survival". Special Incarnate Spirits whose position it is to go through this period of change and establish a New World exist for that purpose.

Change happens for a reason ...
Change is necessary ...

Individual survival is not an issue .. but it is about the survival of dimensions and their inhabiting cultures. Where cultures have to change to synchronize with [adapt to] the Living Operating System of the inhabited Planets.

To eternal spirits personal survival is not an issue.

Catastrophic cycles are also Nature's way of cleaning out negative energies that tend to form around a Planet over long and stable growth cycles. Similar to physical trash psychic energetic trash can become stagnant energy and need to be cleaned out [like unblocking a sewage pipe].

It is sort of like "The Cleaner" in BLEACH Manga Series that runs through the in-between-worlds and cleans out any residual energies caught in that region. Every now and then Planet's energies have to get a thorough clean out too.

The fundamental force affecting physical matter is ENERGY also in the form of ELECTRICAL CHARGE _#

Learn about and teach yourself the fundamentals of electricity .. electrical current .. electro-magnetic energy fields and electrical charge. That is what the young people I met in the dream were doing. Practical understanding of the world we inhabit and how we can unitize this current for the benefit of humanity.