Sunday, June 11, 2017

Higher Consciousness Inhabit Hybrid Environments

Higher Consciousness designed for Hybrid Environments
I have to come back to this later .. but for now I will make notes on the development of hybrid environments designed by higher intelligence beings throughout the Galaxy .. in the Universe and on other Dimensions.

What is being shown [or the genetic insights lighting up this world now] is that mankind is going through a fundamental change that will alter and define the next 1000 years on Earth.

Now .. GENETICS are not what science has described over the last 100+ years. The Ancients knew more and understood more about the genetic operating systems of living biological 3D life forms than science knows today.

The key to this "Insight Revolution" or revolutionary insight are the Tech Geeks .. of which I am one of them. Not exactly anyone inside the system making a lot of money ad having the big egos. Tech Geeks are people who learn for themselves [for the love of learning] .. and they are the true innovators.

I am talking about Tech ARTISTS !!

Nikola Tesla is the father of the Tech Geeks and he said: "The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

The genetic light frequency is coded as electrical current / electric fields giving charge to a highly complex and highly intelligent living operating system. The genes are a potentially multi dimension operating system that allows incarnate beings to seamlessly interact with and navigate space time as physical entities.

The whole point is that higher intelligence beings are DESIGNED to innovate design and create [build] their own hybrid environments .. which is also part of Nature [that is difficult to explain in simple terms]. The laws of Nature are obviously encoded into the operating system genetics of higher consciousness life forms.

The understanding and application of these laws take a different form than animals birds insects and trees .. plants or sea creatures. All creatures of Earth live naturally on the Planet = the Planet itself is their home.

These creatures live in their own skin adapting to weather .. shifts in climate .. living in all varieties of conditions without the need for shoes / jackets / fire [heating] / energy supplies / air-conditioning / clothes / houses and so on _#

It seems higher life forms are naturally designed to be more refined ?? sophisticated ?? and are vulnerable in terms of out in the open survival without using an energy source and needing sophisticated shelters and complex forms of transportation.

It is obvious that higher consciousness life forms are DESIGNED to have the ability to build and inhabit their own hybrid environments within which they are able to live and function. If anyone has ever had to spend even one night outside with no shelter and insufficient clothing for rain / cold / wind .. it becomes clear that in this respect we are vastly inferior to our animal brothers and sisters.

One night at the edge of a forest with only a sleeping bag and no tent to cover / insulate can be a funny experience seeing rabbits .. deer .. hares .. mice .. owls exist in their mysterious world where you are a stranger.

The issue is: When you do not know who you are .. where you come from and why you are the way you are the future has no meaning other than an insecure fight to exist in a hostile environment. Technically it does not matter if the shelter is a mud hut or a palace .. it is the same principle.

Cultures need to construct hybrid environments [shelters] that adapt to the climate cycles. These shelters are technology and shared technological abilities where variations in building all make use of the same mathematical principles and structural laws.

In the same way cats know how to hunt and birds know how to build nests .. humans have the motivation and skills to develop and build hybrid environments encoded within their genes - where the genes are a complex electrical current based intelligent living operating system.

I take this a step further as I observe past present future to understand that the ability to design and create [as well as inhabit] hybrid environments emerges from a much deeper genetic code where humans themselves are designed to live in hybrid environments not the open surface of a Planet.

We develop hybrid environments that we were designed to adapt to and inhabit.