Friday, April 28, 2017

Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind

Can past life awareness guide us?
Is time an illusion?
Shifting sands ...

Most serious tendon / ligaments / muscle injuries are active sport gardening mountain type events .. where demanding or extreme activities [like snowboarding] can result in twisted or torn muscles and tendons. It does not take a microsecond to unfold .. but can take days weeks or months to repair.

Does the human mind play a key role in strengthening or slowing down tendon muscle and ligament healing and repair? Is it possible how we think and feel about injury can affect the way the body responds? Is the mind actually inside each tendon .. rather than isolated inside the skull / inside the brain ??
Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind
We mostly live out or lives within our brain / cerebral experience [dimension].

That is where we live and experience life .. until something goes wrong #_# and if pain is involved? We feel INCONVENIENCED! The pain slows us down and draws us away from the auto-pilot lifestyle [as in - physical body is unconscious vehicle].

I think people love their cars .. iPhones .. iTablets .. computers and devices more than their body. Then suddenly the shifting sands of our lives delivers a dimension [to teach us] that can either transform or take us down.

The way I apply myself [since I was a small child] is: iNavigate using my own iNcarnations GPS System .. not only to know where I am in space-time .. but to be strong and not take anything for granted.

The way I do it is to really know myself .. or have a relationship with myself .. this includes the intelligence of the physical body. Integrated with the mind [psyche] is the Operating System of the body / mind. This is our incarnate iNavigate - through life - Intelligent Operating System.

As I was planting a micro food garden I twisted around and tore muscles and tendons in my leg catching myself off balance. Tendons and ligament injuries usually take a lot longer to heal than muscle injuries. The fact is I do not have time to heal as I am doing a lot of things that have to be done.

Knowing all the blah blah about physical time space and human limitations .. I decided not to limit myself and work to use all my potential. The pain aspect of torn muscles is easy = use cayenne pepper patches on the key areas.

I realized the body shifts focus in relation to the Earth's orbit and time of day. It is a geomagnetic shift as well as yin yang magnetic polarity.
The Amazing Secret of The Masters of The Far East
"Man is a magnet. Every magnet has two poles. The positive or North pole, and the negative or South pole... The Earth is one big magnet...

Every form of disease brings about a disturbance in the balance between the flow of the right and left nostril. The cure lies in restoring the balance." - Perara & Haanel
The point I am trying to make is this: I was able to change how my body works through my mind [how my psyche works]. I used an ancient technique no longer used today = combining mind [psyche] past-future lives awareness [dimensions] with body [physical reality] all together as ONE.

The Mind of Plants: Turmeric
To try help you understand what I was able to do [with no training] = I pulled it out of the invisible Ether / Aether now .. *_* ... One side of the body was slightly injured .. but we forget that both sides of the body seamlessly interact [AS ONE]. Meaning that a few hours later I experienced a paranormal type reaction on the right side of the body muscles tendons ligaments.

I will talk about the paranormal later .. but not in this post!

What I am about to share deals with the paranormal without direct confrontation. With no visual bruising swelling or injury the tendons spread out pain like a Chinese or Japanese fan. At first I got scared and then my mind changed and got strong.

The fact is we are totally fragmented individuals .. and we have to change!

First my mind formed a new resolve and then The Invisible Masters told me off and reminded me that I have inner knowing from ancient times: Atlantis .. Zen .. Martial Arts .. Shaolin. The Masters basically kicked my #ss and told me to make use of that resource NOW.

I have to go into this later .. but basically I was able to do things that no one has taught me in this life. The turmeric poultice and the mind of the plants was part of this inner strong psyche [shift].

The pain in the tendons of the foot was so bad I could not walk. I put raw grated potato into a plastic bag onto my foot [held in place with a sock] .. and added a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

I woke up with no pain / no injury and a yellow turmeric coloured foot. It was as if the injury was an illusion. I did a lot more than that .. but I have to go into this later. I have to add that turmeric does heal muscle / tendon injury including pain.

What I really want to get to is THE MIND ...

I think this ability is long lost and is returning to this Planet now in this cycle / in this era. We are entering a totally new Aquarius Tech cycle that has nothing to do with [stupid] robots and artificial non-intelligence. Jiddu Krishnamurti said [warned] that the technology being created is NOT INTELLIGENCE.

I used intelligence to heal my injuries and a MACHINE / DROID cannot [can never] do this. More than this the idiots are not creating intelligence inside machines .. they are reproducing MECHANICAL THOUGH = linear mechanical petty mathematical measurement / knowledge.

The new Aquarius Cycle is beyond anything you see today.