Thursday, March 02, 2017

Healing Mind Vocalization: Chi Electric Current Frequencies

Mind Vocalization = Imagination

THis one drawing pictograph shows you everything you have to know to heal yourself.

I deliberately scanned the raw unfinished sketch for this post .. because YOU fill in the colors .. the frequencies. It is - after all - your body & your mind .. alone ..

Even with the basic plan sketch there is a lot going on that gives you an idea or understanding of what I am about to share with you now.

A lifetime .. many lifetimes of self learning past present and future
In the ZenTzu pictograph the Celtic / Iberic massive megalithic stones [dolmen stones] are also the lungs. If you are very smart you begin to figure out why I draw the lungs as megalithic stones with the Celtic / Iberic spirals ...

If I tell you it is just words = in one brain out the other side #_#

When you figure it out for yourself .. not in one day .. then something takes place that no one on this Earth can give you. You understand? You give it to yourself [very important]. The deities would love to give you all the knowledge and inner enlightenment .. but it is not possible.

Mind Vocalization:
Chi Electric Current Frequencies
Why mind vocalization? How does mind vocalization [like dolphin frequency] affect the physical body? You are doing it all the time and you do not know it!

Not only are you thinking all the time [unless you go beyond thought] .. but those thoughts have their own sonic vocal frequencies that affect the mind .. hormones .. cells .. blood .. organs of the body.

Really you are silently singing to yourself awake and asleep .. and this is an inner whale sound vocalization that no one can physically hear. I know .. you think [or were taught to think] that you are talking to yourself in words when you think #_+

The fact is behind the superficial word you are singing to yourself ...

Just like the drawing is basic ..
this post is basic rough dolmen stones stuck on the landscape.

Your mind is a sub vocal [sonic] vocalization .. your thoughts and emotions are sounds [sonic vocalizations]. The brain and the physical body is L I S T E N I N G to YOU = the INCARNATE spirit [as it was designed to do].

If you do not feel good or you get sick .. what do you do ??
Oh! I feel so bad .. I am sick .. I don't feel good .. I am scared +_+

The brain and physical body [cells] are listening to this = to serve you [as it was designed to do]. The brain gets the message: He signals to be sick / she signals to be sick. That is how the system was designed. It listens to you and it gives you what you ask for.

Healing Mind Vocalization: Chi Electric Current Frequencies .. is when you make the decision to stop living on this Planet switched to auto-pilot and you teach yourself how to fly this INCARNATION rather than be a victim to your own "stupidity".

Some time ago when I got sick = gut colon candida parasite system degeneration .. I had to figure out for myself everything because no one has walked this path in our "modern" way of living. A very long time ago our highly advanced ancestors knew this very simple truth.

Chi Electric Current Frequencies .. are incredibly complex energy vocalization electric current paths within the body that effect who we are and who we are to be. In the drawing .. where do you see the focus?

You have to imagine healing .. strength .. harmony .. who you really are .. and the brain / mind / body will respond to this [as it was designed to do]. I make the drawing to show you that you SEE YOURSELF .. using imagination .. that is same as drawing a picture or any kind of ART.

Jiddu Krishnamurti often said to artists: You give everything to your art and you destroy yourself .. you destroy the body. Very few understood what he meant. Of course .. you have to have the insight and understanding for yourself. No one can give you that!
Really it is very simple .. and not complex .. and this is why I scanned the basic line drawing to convey how simple it is. It is very powerful and very simple. Maybe too simple for people today who do not go to the basics within themselves.

The basic simple truth [although it is also highly complex] goes straight to the heart.

Of course .. Invisible Guides teach me to apply imagination to see myself in balance .. to send harmonic to the physical brain and the cells of the body [the intelligent DNA and cells] .. but I had to apply it or it would not make sense *_*

It is very simple .. you have to apply it and tech yourself. I mean teach yourself ...