Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Death +_+ Is The Biggest Conspiracy!

Ancient*Futures: Is Death The Biggest Conspiracy?

In the video you see a visit to an ancient site that is much older than people realize. At the time a friend was dying [the physical body was dying] .. and I had an experience where there was other dimension beings type meeting in the garden with us humans. These beings decided it was time for the spirit to return to their original dimension.

A round portal opened and they all walked through .. disappeared .. the portal closed and we found out that each human incarnation also has an ELEMENTAL. The elemental is an intelligent operating system that allows spirit incarnations to navigate time and space reality.

Death Is The Biggest Conspiracy
The invisible worlds guided us to go to this ancient INSTALLATION where we had no clue about what was there. In the video you see the statue that is claimed to be the God Asklepios: Healer and bringer of the dead back to life.

Around the Planet - as we now enter a new phase - these ancient installations are rebooting [like an advanced living intelligent Operating System]. The first conspiracy is that everyone has been conditioned or programmed to believe that all these ancient locations are dead places dedicated to the gods.

Nothing could be further from the truth ...

The beings depicted are not gods .. they are UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. It is all a code [more advanced than computer code] .. using avatar / symbols to connect and activate nodes. There was no malicious design intended .. it is humans who have become malicious .. but that is THEIR problem!

Researchers identify Zeus as Planet Jupiter and Hades as Planet Pluto .. I think Earth was Asklepios ?? am not sure .. but all I know is the bolt(s) of lightning from the Planet Jupiter were hitting Earth probably when the new Sun was born. Zeus [Jupiter] was kicked out as Father of the Gods [Planets] .. as the new Father [The Sun] took its place.

What I was shown after the visit is that bolts of lightning from Jupiter struck Earth .. destroying a highly advanced civilization on the Planet and Asklepios bringing the dead back to life is related to re-incarnation. I imagine the higher re-incarnation order of Earth got damaged or destroyed ?? As for the anger of Hades / Pluto .. the Planet was pushed out from an inner orbit to an outer orbit by Earth.

This all comes into my mind after visiting the installation #_#

Art Is The Unknown [Death]
This is a photograph I took working to heal [save someone's life] .. where I can see death and I can see the invisible worlds of spirit. It helps you to see what death looks like through the eyes of a Seer .. Artist & Healer.

This image was taken at the time period I became aware the incarnate spirit has walked out of the body .. left the Earth cycle and was escorted to another dimension [their original dimension]. Revealing that DEATH is not at all what we think it is!

When spirits die the compassion they feel that is the illusion sadness of the Earth [relating to the damaged intelligence of Asklepios] .. is that people do not see beyond their ego conditioning of the tiny little thought program of limited experience and limited knowledge.

Of course .. THOUGHT [which is time] is afraid of death .. because thought dies when the spirit incarnation leaves the body and the physical brain and body no longer function. Each time physical body ends the limited [time restricted] petty little individual ME thought program comes to an end.

Thought [ego] experiences death together with the ending of the physical material body.

What is The Biggest Conspiracy?
Over the last 2,000 years since the death of Atlantis [Asklepios] the human mind has lost its original way [intelligent navigation systems] .. and lives in FEAR of DEATH .. that is a TOTAL ILLUSION .. because you cannot understand life without understanding death. Duality is balance yin / Yang principles: Life is death and death is life!

When spirit incarnates [occupies] physical space-time life and death are ONE...

That which is born dies .. that which dies is born. The beginning and the end are one. These are not just WORDS .. there is fundamental reality beyond the words. The word is just a sign post guiding the traveler to go to the actual location and find out the TRUTH for themselves.

I show you birth-death-rebirth principle: I was born with a passion for discipline of Martial Arts .. but I don't want to hit anyone or defeat anyone .. I just have this passion. This was a time when there was no Kung Fu influence in Scotland .. but it was in my blood .. and the blood travels through the heart!

The only Martial Arts film I ever saw in my life [until 2011 videos on the Internet] .. was the original [black & white] Japanese: Seven Samurai with subtitles. That film blew my mind .. but other than this there was no TV .. no films .. no outside influence.
BIRTH = I was very young and we do not have much money .. but I save up to buy Gichin Funakoshi - Karate-Do Kyohan that had just been published in English [so I was around 15 / 16 years old]. I studied this book every day and would go out into the garden bare foot even in Winter [even in frost and snow] and teach myself as I was obsessed .. that this was my life.

DEATH = The ancient Invisible Guides came to me and asked me to change my development of Karate-Do Kyohan from the physical training to inner teachings training ... and I died in that moment ... I was devastated. Even as I write this I have tears in my eyes. The reason is .. I was not going to survive in this Earth environment with physical Martial Arts skills .. but I was going to survive [the future] with deeper more ancient unseen hidden skills .. so physical aspect dies.

REBIRTH = No! It does not die .. the INITIATION [Guidance] gives birth to a new unique manifestation. I am forced to draw on much older incarnations more important to this life experience. It demands that I go deeper. It demands that I apply awareness and skills that do not exist in this common World [today]. Because .. we all have to live in this common World conditioned by the fallen Roman Empire who turned against principles of TRUTH...

But .. why do you believe the lies and illusions that deny UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES of TRUTH that are designed / encoded inside the genes of all humans ?? The genes that are your Intelligent Operating Systems ?? You see .. All this realization comes out of the death [transformation] of one human being who leaves Earth at this time.

Because .. everyone is crying and suffering and thinking only of themselves .. because of FEAR of DEATH. Because personal and collective FEAR is the darkness not death. The petty little ego [thought] is terrified of death = ending. Not only ending of the physical body .. but any kind of ending of its patterns and attachments.

That conditioning did not exist inside me at 15 years old .. because I did not allow it to condition my unique incarnation. I challenge the programming of the ego / the petty self. I did not argue with the Guidance of the Invisible Worlds when they challenged me to change as I KNOW the TRUTH when I hear it!

Why can you not see that fear is like a drug that distorts the mind? Why can you not see that suffering is like a drug that distorts the mind? Through good fortune we were guided and came upon an ancient installation that taught these fundamental principles way back long before the Romans and Greek Civilizations.

There is a lot more to come and we are still working on this project.

We currently have Mercury in Pisces [February 25 - March 13] where I have ?? Mercury in Aries [my birth sign] .. I know nothing about Astrology .. but I suspect that our birth aspects also interact with the cycle of aspects. All this passion to ask these questions is my Mercury in Aries talking to Mercury in Pisces #_# .. if that makes sense ??