Monday, February 20, 2017

Atmospheric Oceans Electrical Cycles

Great Flood of 1861/ 1862
Chinese Metal Rooster Cycle - December 1861 / January 1862
1681 .. 1741 .. 1801 .. 1861 .. 1921 .. 1981 .. 2041 .. 2101 - Metal Rooster

Great Flood of 2017
Chinese Fire Rooster Cycle - January / February 2017
1717 .. 1777 .. 1837 .. 1897 .. 1957 .. 2017 .. 2077 .. 2137 - Fire Rooster

144 / 300 year recorded storm cycles: 1717 - 1861 - 2017

The Great Flood of 1962 was the largest flood in [European] recorded history flooding California .. Nevada and Oregon [in Chinese Metal Rooster Year].

Snow Melt
January 1862 floods devastated California after rapid warm weather rapid melting of mountain snow. The 1862 floods devastated California after warm air caused rapid melting of mountain snow. January 2017 floods threaten California dams after a rapid melting of mountain snow.

Over 1,000 Chinese miners died on the Yuba river as a result of a mega flash flood. To some extent the building of the Oroville dam has controlled and reduced [until now ] extensive lower plain flooding. It is my guess that they knew in the 1950's that the lower - below sea level - Sacramento plains naturally flooded over long term cycles [Sky Oceans].

They could not NOT know it considering the geological and historical evidence .. and more recently in 2013 Michael Dettinger & Lynn Ingram [Dept of Earth & Planetary Science] co-authored: The Coming MEGAFLOODS

Atmospheric Oceans / Sky Oceans
I have been seeing this term: Atmospheric Rivers all over the place. In reality - as I have said for months - the Planet is surrounded by vast invisible bands of water that make up an ocean = dynamic forms of water humans do not understand or even realize exist.

Science estimates the Earth's atmosphere contains 37.5 billion gallons.

I will show one weakness in our understanding of water that leads to a lack of understanding as to how the Earth's climate works over long / very long and short cycles. Oxygen levels in air [21 %] is higher than oxygen levels in water [estimated 1%] .. but where air and water meet oxygen molecules in air dissolve into water.

It must go both ways .. and that is water is highly adaptive and extremely complex variable = it transforms and maintains its cohesion as water. For example .. the human body is mostly made up of water and yet the water in your body appears to be different than the water in rivers or lakes. This is why I say water is a complex adaptive variable: Water adapts to its surroundings while maintaining its core structures.

When measuring the amounts of water in the atmosphere they measure water vapor [humidity]. The amount of water in this form in the atmosphere is highly variable as it depends on changes in temperatures.

These claims are based on water that man can recognize and they do not in any way observe the more complex unknown variables that form unrecognized forms of water inside and outside the Earth's atmosphere.

It is my theory that the Sun expels highly charged forms of water as Coronal discharge and Solar Flares = electrically changed forces that can form or integrate as water on Earth or any Planet in the Solar System. If you see vapor around the Moon or Mars it is coming from the Sun.

A Planet's surface life process lies in its ability to capture .. build on and maintain this water. Technically we can call this ability an atmosphere or a living atmosphere. Extremely advanced interplanetary civilizations would have to revitalize Mars atmosphere to capture the highly charged water from the Sun.

You not only have these interchangeable variations in water and oxygen levels .. as well as higher frequency water that is not recognized by science .. but the higher frequency water in and around Earth's atmosphere regulates the amounts of water that exist across the Planet.

Electrical Cycles: Flooding & Drought
The reasons I see that long and short term climatic weather patterns exist [as planetary cycles] is due to the theory that the Sun's activity releases water in highly charged electrical forms unrecognized by science today = as "water".

The electrical charge is key to this as it is variations in electrical charge that facilitate a wide range of adaptations and bonds - especially once these flares reach the Earth's atmosphere. The electrical charge allows form adaptation and bonding.

It is similar principle to: You eat food and the food becomes you. You drink water and the water becomes you. The blood and cells of the body will adapt incoming compounds to their needs. You breathe air and the air becomes you.

In the same way the life force of the Planet can consume the "food" from the Sun's activity. In this case I would say the nutrition [energy] from the Sun is a higher [electrically] charged form of water = the waters of life.

To talk about "atmospheric rivers" makes no sense #_#

You have to think about this in a technical sense .. and I am teaching you how you can do this for yourself = you are not going to find this in books or on the Internet! You are going to find this through your own OBSERVATION(s) .. watching Nature.

Now comes the TECH side .. "atmospheric rivers" .. well rivers have BANKS. Rivers flow through STRUCTURES [matter]. If physical LAND structure do not give rivers and lakes their forms then water just flows everywhere.

On flat flood plains sitting below sea level with no defining structures to give water form [a river] the water flows uncontrolled everywhere and in every direction = called a FLOOD. Otherwise called a CATASTROPHE = unrestricted mass flow of water.

Technically this is an atmospheric ocean surrounding the Earth with electromagnetic bands [electric current] with alternating flow characteristics that adapt and change to each other and respond to the varying levels of activity of the Sun.

The so-called atmospheric rivers are [in reality] varying density bands contained within a massive invisible atmospheric ocean where variations in electrical charge draw in or disperse water vapor. The density or dispersion of water vapor [rain storms] are charged by bands of electrical currents / electrical flow.

In my next post I will explain the electrical charge of water effect and memory.