Thursday, February 09, 2017

Chinese Red Fire Chicken / Rooster 2017 [Metal]

Five Elements Cycles
In this Incarnation [Earth visit] I have not studied ancient Chinese Five Elements Astrology. Also you need to speak and write Chinese to understand this.

The mind of an ARTIST does not have to speak a language .. because ART is the oldest highest direct understanding on all levels of the human mind: Glyphs .. pictographs .. solids / geometry .. electrical current .. movement of electrical fields .. atomic structures of elements.

.. it gets complex !!
What I am going to do differently with Chinese Astrology [how I read the energy of the cycles] is to break it all down as best I can using pictographic langauge. I would have to write a book that no one would read because it is way too complex. But .. when we put our understanding into pictures each person understands on their OWN LEVEL.

I wanted to post this at Chinese New Year or at least the beginning of February. I had to count backwards and it took me quite a few days as I have real difficulty counting forward .. but it was very interesting to figure out those mathematical patterns for myself.
When you figure something out for yourself it has more value...
2017 - Year of Female Red Yin Chicken
The 2017 - Red Fire Chicken Cycle: Jan 28 2017 - Feb 15 2018. The Chicken is yin / fixed Element - Metal / 2nd Trine [Ox Snake & Chicken]. The origin of the guiding ELEMENT is YIN [female chicken].

Consciousness - Space & Time
Rather than attempt to analyze the potential innovations and conflicts that may arise in the Chicken / Rooster Year I will show you how this cycle affected me [immediately] and is continuing to affect me. If you study the drawing you can clearly see the INNOVATION effect.

Our consciousness can eliminate space and time to connect without effort instantly to any information in the living data base of Universal Consciousness. Basically .. because the ancient Five Elements Divination worked as a compass or system of navigation and warning .. there came a time in human history where ruling families saw this as a threat.

The masters [seers] could warn or advise how one needed to interact with the short and long term element cycles. Rulers had become "personalities" rather than servants and technicians of the incarnate beings / population / human family. The wealth was drained from society at large and taken into custody of small ruling family elites.

Out of fear and in petty fits of anger these "divine" rulers destroyed pretty much most of the original systems and understanding of the Five Elements Cycles & Principles. Those principles are electrical flow / energy through elements moving physical matter.

In the drawing / chart you see the basic principles of rotating element cycles [combinations] that reveal electrical charge according to the elements involved. For example fire and metal have their own unique electrical field signatures and patterns.

In these drawings / pictographs .. you see how the element cycle of Red Yin Fire Chicken affects me. The Five Elements system was redesigned to be a "fortune telling" astrological calendar to deceive and hide its true origins.

The rulers and the people lost higher consciousness and by re designing the Five Elements system to cater to the ME / the self personality stream of consciousness the Five Elements Principles have survived until today where people born over the next 100 to 200 years can reverse engineer the true system and update it.

Electrical Cycles Progression As TIME
In this diagram you can see the pictograph showing electrical current / energy flow / movement of time and physical matter as defined by the elements. What is time and how does time progress?

Time is not only a mathematical program within the brain / mind [thought]. The movement of physical matter in space is time. Movement is time. Outside of physical movement time does not exist.

In this way consciousness can see the "past" and the "future" NOW.

Chinese characters of Goat / Monkey / Rooster / Dog ... are not ANIMALS they are AVATARS or elemental codes. Characteristics of these signs are codes for the elements of which mankind is simply a part. Humans are not the dominant species on this Planet !!

Humans are one element in a complex pattern of elements each interacting in their own unique ways. You have to ask: What creates movement? Magnetic polarity .. electrical flow [current] .. energy creates movement. There are many different mathematical ways to look at this flow and understand it.

In the pictograph drawing you see the triangle = 3 branches .. the square = four branches. Both the triangle and square relate to the circle or sphere. The triangle is a pyramid [including the square] and the square is a cube including aspects of the triangle and the sphere.
Female Yin Fire Chicken Elements Cycle
1117 .. 1417 .. 1717 .. 2017 .. 2317
1177 .. 1477 .. 1777 .. 2077 .. 2377
1237 .. 1537 .. 1837 .. 2137 .. 2437
1297 .. 1597 .. 1897 .. 2197 .. 2497
1357 .. 1657 .. 1957 .. 2257 .. 2557
If you want to time travel you would probably have to navigate using the Five Element Mathematical Cycles. Can we move from 2016 Red Fire Monkey year to a 1177 Red Fire Chicken Year ?? Maybe not #_#

What I am drawing here are physical as well as dimension pathways including consciousness pathways through physical material time. Some people like to say the past and the future do not exist. As Jiddu Krishnamurti tried to help people realise giving a very subtle clue: The past present and future are ONE. Past and future are NOW.

What does that mean? Past and future exist now?

I am trying to show in the drawings the mathematics are pathway clues to the electrical current flow [energy] patterns through space and time. Electrical current [flow] and energy are not time related. Electromagnetic energy are outside of time.

Elements form physical matter and the movement of those elements [movement of physical matter] is called "time" within space [dimension]. A seed germinating .. developing .. growing .. flowering is the movement of physical matter = time.

There have to be time related element cycle flow patterns that affect the Planet and everything on the Planet in various ways. One example is long term cycle weather patterns that repeat in 60 year cycles. The Five Elements Astrological Cycles were used by farmers to better predict the long term cycle change in weather patterns.

Time travel .. in 1117 [Year of Element Fire Chicken] the Chinese had innovated and used the first needle pointing compass in maritime navigation: 1117 - Zhu Yu’s Pingchow Table Talk: "In dark weather, sailors look at the south-pointing needle."

In the charts above you have 60 year cycles .. 1117 - 1177 and there are 300 year cycles .. 1117 - 1417 [I hope I am counting right ??]. Then go to 1177 BC [this may be connected to 1777 in US History that changed the World also] .. there is a book by Eric Cline: 1177 BC The Year Civilization Collapsed and the link is the video about the book.

American Revolution .. November 1777 Congress began to move for ratification of the Articles of Confederation. By 1777 a new confederation had substantially taken form and its seed was sown or the seed of 1776 had taken root by the end of 1777.

These are planetary cycles .. civilization cycles and consciousness cycles that we humans have to navigate. We humans [society / consciousness] are affected by the elements cycles in more ways that personal Five Elements Astrology.

The real point I have to make is CONSCIOUSNESS .. electrical current flow affecting the movement of matter and affecting our lives. Electrical current = energy where ENERGY is equal to CONSCIOUSNESS. So .. the NEW Five Elements understanding past and future is YOU. Then we go into the areas of Shaolin Martial Arts / Chi / Tao / Dao / Zen .. Tai Chi / Karate Do Kyohan / AIKIDO. Where physical movement and consciousness are one.