Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In 2017 Water: The Key To Life

Just as Gravity is not a constant
Water is not a constant = life is variations and adaptation

The first sign for 2017 was WATER in ALL its forms. This can be both illuminating and dangerous. Illuminating aspects have the potential to free mankind. The dangers can be very dangerous and unexpected.

Water is a highly adaptive and complex variable.

Early on New Year these complex variables appeared as highly intelligent interactive structures on which all of life depends and on which humans are highly vulnerably to .. especially when the variables are dynamic .. change fast and are overwhelming.

Water can be a blanketing dense mist floating above the sea. The oceans are water and the mists are water .. but they do not appear in the same density of form. Humans cannot shape change .. but water can.

The Planet does not drift through an empty vacuum called space. Planets and Galaxies are suspended in something. For thousands of years this has been known as Aether [Ether] .. but it can just as well be identified as an unknown form of water.

Water is the key factor in which all physical matter exists. There are gases is space .. diamond clouds .. anything you can imagine in terms of physical structure is out there. The key to life is water in all its forms.

Humans and animals cannot live without water. Sea creatures cannot exist without the support of the water we call seas and oceans. Even the birds rely on water in the air for their flight. Special atmospheric current flows used by migrating birds is another from of water.

Water changes its structure through variations in frequency.

Water that is heated will turn to steam .. but the water is never lost it simply changes form. By its very nature water cannot be lost as it is essential to the support of all physical matter and the structures of physical matter.

Water can be heavy and water can be light. All variations in water structures co-exist in balance and harmony. There really is one pure source of water's signature that applies to all the apparently different forms and adaptations. That source is similar to life force [Chi / Qi].

The danger lies in the signature bandwidth of all forms of water.

Heavy water inside the entire Earth holds the planetary structures together. In direct relationship to the Sun the signatures of heavy water can dramatically change. More accurate there exist natural cycles of change.

These changes in the frequency of heavy water do not change suddenly overnight as this would crack the Planet. The changes in frequency / gravity and temperature happen in slow pattern cycles. These changes can be studied from space orbit if you have the right instruments.

There seem to be gravitational changes or variations in gravitational fields .. that in reality are variations in the weight and density of water. This is a special type of water .. not the type you drink. In the old Flying Saucer Reviews and other UFO publications mysterious crafts were often sighted sucking up columns of water from lakes or from the sea.

Water on Planets or Suns are contained in a more adaptable form for 3D life forms.

As above so below! The weather patterns are directly related to magnetic field [water] changes within the Earth. This also applies to changes in atmospheric patterns and cycles. Most probably these inner planetary changes are the real devastating cause behind so many fallen higher civilizations over tens of thousands of years.

The heavier the shift cycle the more difficult and dangerous life becomes. The human body is made up mostly of structured water. The brain is mostly water. Blood is a form of water. A heavier water cycle is going to effect the health of humans.

The other side of this will be never before experiences of natural disasters. Water variations in terms of disasters affects everything from damaging storms to larger magnitude earthquakes or tsunamis. We are talking unusually large landslides .. volcanic activity and volcanic landslides.

Volcanoes and lava streams within the Earth's surface are on the front line balancing physical matter's relationship with water [forces of life] .. energy .. electricity .. electrical field flows. That relates to tectonic fault stress and the release of stress.

Over the next 30 to 100 years Intelligent Systems have to be created that allow local home to home structural integrity that does not rely on a grid or central grid. The real danger to shared organized social structures is by ice not fire.

Centralized energy infrastructures can barely cope with normal temperature changes over relatively short periods. Those shaky structures cannot cope with extended demand [longer than a week or two] in a mini ice age type extended freeze.

You cannot go out and cut down the forests to deal with an emergency .. as the trees play an important function in protecting and alleviating the surface air temperatures. The forests are essential to your protection and your future. In fact .. go out now and start replanting natural growth tree forests.

Planting tree islands will [in the future] create new forests as the trees will eventually expand their space and create a natural canopy. It may take 300 years but it is well worth the effort if you want a future worth living.

A completely new local source intelligent technology will function better in extreme situations than the centralized setup we have and use today. There will have to be cooperation at all levels. The last 2,000 years psyche of relying on PERSONALITIES has ended and a new era is now in transition.

Aquarius is about all levels of technology .. including spiritual technology [the psyche / the mind]. When something does not work in your home like plumbing or electric .. do not need a PERSONALITY .. you need a hands on down to earth technician.

You could say: This is the Age of Technicians #_#