Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Year Passage 2017: Earth Inner Nucleus Transforming Heavy Water

The Earth's core is a dense nucleus: A child of the Sun
Planets are formed as heavy water [magnets]
Therein lies the coming change ...

Since I was a child I was always quiet .. silent .. listening and not active from Winter Solstice to three days New Year transition. I was born like this! I would watch my family active .. celebrating .. eating too much food and partying .. I thought they were all nuts #_#

Of course young children are pressured to be part of the whole activity and celebrations .. be happy .. enjoying the activity and encouraged to eat tons of food [and indulge]. I was not that kind of child [even though I was part of a large family].

I never did tell my parents that I saw and talked to invisible beings of light and that I saw and talked to lights in the sky. I knew certainly from age four that something was not right about people on Earth and that this Planet was a bit of a mad house. Maybe that is why I said nothing about The Guidance.

When I told my parents not to drink alcohol and I told them things about food and what was a danger to them .. THAT was The Guidance. For some reason my parents would get very upset about the things that I said .. and so maybe I figured out from an early age that they were opposite the Guidance ??

I learned at an early age not to expect people to understand what I communicate = NOT TO EXPECT. I learned that each unique individual has to learn for themselves. When we understand something it is because we understand internally within ourselves. Knowing lies within.

NewYear 2017: Interactive Dimensions
The three days of New Year applying within any calendar = three days transitions .. those are the silent times .. the listening act of observing WHAT IS.

When you are active you cannot hear and you cannot see ahead. An hour or two meditation will not cut it! One has to continually silently pay attention to what is and be peacefully aware over three days of transition.

Over those three days of transition intelligent mind / brain outside of service-to-self receives data from Earth .. the Universe and Nature [acting as one unified force]. We humans are the lower part of all those interactions. We humans receive the information .. we are not the active force .. humans are the receiving force.

Earth Transforming Heavy Water
There is a LOT of water and everything related to water in 2017. This is Heavy Water !! Inside Planet Earth is a Sun core nucleus = a mini Sun. All Planets have their own inner / internal Suns .. as within so without.

As with my parents and family I do not really care too much if anyone out there understands what I have to say or write #_# .. but at the same time I know people now and in the future will and do understand. At the same time this information is both simple and highly complex in its diversity.

How do I explain to you HEAVY WATER issues ??

In 2017 there is the heavy veiled mysterious UNKNOWN = veil / to cover [to hide] / to conceal .. where that which comes to us out of the unknown [future path] is hidden or concealed. In that respect the heavy water mist / fog blocked all visual sight allowing four or six incoming waves [water sea currents]

The visual sea currents are our current physical reality ...

Part of these 2017 interacting currents are INTERACTIVE DIMENSIONS [cross currents] that you can see in the drawing pictograph of these interactive dimensions. So what does this mean in 3D terms ?? It mans we are all related across space time dimensions!

Since I was a child I saw and interacted with a much older presence / civilization that does not originate on physical 3D Earth. These interactions are most powerful presence in dreams. Giant incredible structures more inspiring than ancient Greece or ancient Egypt.

The other dimension ancient structures that gave birth to ancient Greece are probably two-thirds larger than what we see on Earth today from the ruins .. even in Egypt and across the Planet. They are gigantic not only in physical presence but also in energetic power.

Now in 2017 they return .. and this is a very powerful return of their presence on Earth. It is the unseen .. it is the unknown .. it is that which cannot be predicted or foreseen. At the same time it is the mysterious force inside mankind .. inside humanity = Chi [Qi] balance .. yin / yang.

Heavy water is the magnetic force inside the Earth that holds everything together. It is the life friendly nuclear force that gives life to all forces .. all beings .. all forms. Heavy water is the unifying force within the Planet.

Everything you do .. everything you are relies on WATER = The Sun is water phenomenon and so are you. However there are different resonance / frequencies of water that affects all life on Earth. That also affects CONSCIOUSNESS of all beings on Earth.

Love [compassion] is the interconnecting frequency beyond time and space.

Inside the Planet at all levels of physical and non-physical matter is HEAVY WATER. These planetary physical levels of heavy water frequencies change = they do not remain the same over space time continuum.

The heaviness spectrum has turned EXTREME .. and this can mean unexpected / sudden climatic water events such as powerful storms .. extreme flooding .. explosive volcanic activities .. extreme land inundation of water. The heaviness of the water points to unexpected massive explosive destructive forces.

Explosive unexpected water activity is connected to INTERACTIVE DIMENSION cycles. I mean .. I understand the drawings .. but it is difficult to describe in words. Just as continents exist on Planet Earth there are also inter-dimensional relationships and connections.

We all exist in inter-related dimensional space *_*

Imagine those other dimensions are squeezing into our dimension similar to the idea of tectonic plates. In reality tectonic plates theory is not exactly how things work on Earth .. it is a little more complex. The squeezing aspect is a good description of this phenomenon.

Other dimensions affect Earth and the Earth dimension affects other dimensions [realities].

It is similar to smashing continents if you want to understand it in this way ?? Imagine inter-related dimensions merging through fluid waves of heavy water waves deeper then time and space. If you understand this then you have got it !!

I have to come back to this .. because it is complex and tough to see and understand .. but basically heavy water elements inside the deeper components of the earth are fluctuating and changing. We humans are made of water +_+ .. plus the blood .. plus the heart = extra-terrestrial influence.