Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Five Elements Natural Flood Cycles [Earth*Tech]

1681 .. 1741 .. 1801 .. 1861 .. 1921 .. 1981 .. 2041 .. 2101 - Metal Rooster
1693 .. 1753 .. 1813 .. 1873 .. 1933 .. 1993 .. 2053 .. 2113 - Water Rooster
1705 .. 1765 .. 1825 .. 1885 .. 1945 .. 2005 .. 2065 .. 2125 - Wood Rooster
1717 .. 1777 .. 1837 .. 1897 .. 1957 .. 2017 .. 2077 .. 2137 - Fire Rooster
1729 .. 1789 .. 1849 .. 1909 .. 1969 .. 2029 .. 2089 .. 2149 - Earth Rooster

Five Elements Flood Cycles
Humans are not above Nature .. humans are PART of Nature. Numbers mean nothing to me unless I can see the patterns in terms of solids .. geometric patterns and event cycles.

You can see the visual pattern in the Chinese Rooster Cycles Chart showing 144 year flood cycles: The Great Christmas Flood in 1717 .. the Great California Flood in 1861 and the ongoing California "Great Flood" of 2017 [causing damage to the spillway and emergency spillway of the 50 year old Oroville dam near Sacramento].

144 Year Five Elements - Natural Flood Cycles
1717 - Christmas Flood [Holland] 14,000 people drowned
1861/62 - The Great California Flood [after two exceptionally dry decades]
2017 - The Californian Flood [Oroville Dam Evacuations]

1717 Fire Rooster / 1861-62 Metal Rooster / 2017 Fire Rooster
December - January Flood Patterns
- 1825 Los Angeles Flood [Wood Rooster] changed the course of the Los Angeles river.
- 1909 California Flood [Earth Rooster] 300,000 acres flooded in the Sacramento Valley.
- 1933 Crescenta Valley Flood [Water Rooster] destroying more than 400 homes.

Humans create and form primitive technology from the superior technology of the Planet that is basically the technology of Nature. Earth climate natural cycles are the Operating System of this Planet. Humans did not create TECHNOLOGY .. humans ADAPT technology from an intelligent Earth.

Intelligent Earth Phenomenon
The Planet has entered a new era that can be called: The Aquarius High Technology Era. This is not technology as you know it. The era itself IS TECHNOLOGY similar to Mu / Lemuria and Atlantis .. related to Mars but hopefully more advanced in terms of consciousness and inner transformation of a planetary species.

We can take the current [ongoing] Oroville dam disaster in Chinese 2017 Red Fire Chicken [Rooster] cycle. You have to look at this with a new mind and no longer with the old [Roman] brain. The old brain is past and the new brain cycle has begun.

The new Aquarius Tech Cycle is this: I give an example... In this 144 year flood cycle everyone is focusing and looking at the tiny small Oroville dam [crisis] = the dam .. the dam .. the dam. How insanely stupid can these people be? Engineers have such fancy names and professional titles to put the icing on the politically correct cake they bake for the public.

You have to expand your mind to see and understand the much bigger: Intelligent Earth Phenomenon .. of which .. the Oroville dam is one tiny little part in a very big process that is the Earth humans inhabit. All five elements interact but let us take WATER as an example.

Beginning of January 2017 I wrote:
New Year Passage 2017: Earth Inner Nucleus Transforming Heavy Water
What I understand observing Nature cycles is that water has variations in weight that probably adapt to changes in the Sun [which makes sense] over time. Variations in the weight of water includes the water deep inside the ground as well as the weight of water vapor.

In January 2017 the density of water vapor in the atmosphere increased .. and some would call this gravity of water maybe? I do not like the term gravity = it does not exist. I think it is frequency and not some force of "gravity". It is stupid to say that force of gravity holds you to the surface of the Planet = you would be crushed.

Humans build large dams in places where large bodies of water cannot naturally exist. This means the land based infrastructure is not designed for those volumes of water. Natural flood cycles are going to be a problem depending on the volumes of water released in those cycles that are Earth*Tech designed to feed and nourish the surrounding landscape.

The bigger picture is that within 144 year flood cycle the volume [weight] of water is designed to affect [benefit] the landscape over the next 144 years. It is a LIFE cycle. Humans have put the pressure [the weight] onto large areas not designed for those volumes of water. So .. obviously at some point there is going to be a crisis [depending on the variations in weight / atmospheric volume].

Add to this something no one really considers. The water in those dams soaks [unhindered] into the surrounding earth and rocks. Technically you are dramatically increasing the weight and volume of water across a vast underground area that is not designed for those water flows. Therefore dams are often associated with earthquakes.

The vast weight of water has to go somewhere and it is going to displace something else .. either soil / gas / lava or rocks. The big mega-dams were only built in the last 50 years within a 144 year mega flood cycle. No one knows the effect these dams could have when volumes of water suddenly and rapidly increase.

Dams in California were not structurally designed to carry these rapid heavy volumes of water. Be aware that volume is equal to weight [that is my theory]. Sudden rapid increase in volume of water is going to increase the ground / atmospheric fluid weight.

You have to be aware that the density of invisible water vapor in the low Earth atmosphere [as well as Upper atmosphere] has increased and this is equal to an increase in weight. Part of that water vapor descends to earth are rain or snow [fresh water].

That is what I mean when I say: Earth's High Technology / Intelligent Earth Phenomenon.

I could be wrong ?? but I think the 2017 - 2077 cycle could be a high cycle of transformation that is also very dangerous. I mean .. 2077 may be out with the old and in with the new. That means catastrophic as well as challenging and empowering new ways of adapting and living on Earth.
One snowflake on Mount Fuji
How bright the Sun is
A dewdrop on the Cherry Blossoms
Tree branches touch the mountain's roots
You have to understand it is all connected... The weight of one snowflake or one raindrop on the top of the mountains is equal to the weight of the total volume of water flowing down river or flowing into a lake.

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