Thursday, May 27, 2010

For the Future of Our Planet

Mankind - the hu-mans on planet Earth are spirit (limitless) merged with physical matter (limited) .. this implies that free-floating spirits - with intelligence - can navigate and apply the laws of mysterious cosmos to experiencing (navigate through) matter = physical density. Light transformed to matter = enlightenment of (base)matter.

I carefully watched a YouTube Videoby Dr. Albert Bartlett on the issue of: Exponential Growth .. implying on a Mathematical level that human society is out-of-balance, and in crisis, with a series of choices ahead as to how mankind on planet Earth will return to 'balance'.

One thing I have to say, having observed the self-centered yammering of Media controlled websites on the state of the Euro and other issues relating to panic of the global international (bankrupt) finance industry - who are seeking to make profits on casino-debt-government roulette .. that is to say, these people have no idea how beneficial this "timeline" is for mankind.

The finance-casino addicts are so greedy and so selfish that they have lost their humanity. The April 14, 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions were mild compared to what could have happened. On other timelines those eruptions wiped out two-thirds of Europe. Humans on Earth in 2010 - this timeline - have been given a "breathing-space". We really have nothing to complain about .. the Icelandic eruptions have been mild in comparison to what they could have been.

If the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions had been more violent, over a longer period, extending the spread of heavy volcanic ash-dust across Europe and setting off the Katla volcano (in April/May of 2010) the whole world from America to China would feel the consequences. No part of the planet would escape the economic turmoil this would cause.

I seriously doubt that the financially-retarded (immersed-in-greed) 'traders' and 'institutions' deserve to be part of a world in transition .. something has tipped the balance in our favour - even as the service-to-self mob grasp at their Hedge-fund-casino straws.

For many years I have observed - through the eyes of a small town - whether it is viable to continue endlessly with unrestricted growth in all areas of human development. For the "growth-development" crowd the Earth and all space are an asset for expansion of capital, and the way this works is: every square meter of space in an equity expansion area generates SHORT TERM economic profit. Built up areas begin to decay as the 'developers' look for space elsewhere.

Pay attention to your surroundings! It may not benefit your current relationship with the insane society we live in - but on a Soul level it will make a difference to who you are and to your 'future'. We share this planet with animals, birds, insects and plants ..

A small town is a place where natural space exists, in which birds can feed - grass and plants can grow. A town grows and becomes a city when the 'space' is used as an economic growth asset in which trees are cut down, the space is built on (developed) and where the local birds and animals must struggle to survive in ever decreasing circles. Who are we and what have we become, if we continually degrade nature at the expense of 'growth', 'development funds' and expansion?

Pay attention to how small birds, trees, plants, grass, insects and animals use the natural space to exist in towns and cities. People do not watch nor pay attention to nature. A small green area beside a road can be the place where local birds feed. Take that away and you take away their feeding ground. Even worse - these birds, animals and insects have existed in these local areas longer than mankind... what are we doing to life on this planet?