Monday, May 17, 2010

Probiotic Home Cleaning: End of Chemical Products

I see 2010 as the beginning of the end of the chemical world .. '-)

By this I mean the end of all the perfumes and chemical cleaners (bio-included), all the scrub-and-buy short life cleaning fluids and abrasives that don't work .. so you go out and buy more. The whole system is set up to sell people something that really does not work, so that you buy more products (nature-bio-cleaners included).

I never really understood why I hate cleaning. Apart from the the sick-in-the-stomach reaction the body gets using any commercial cleaning fluids and abrasives - nature-products included - while you scrub and scrub - but get nowhere .. and the next day you have to scrub again - and get nowhere .. as you breathe in more cleaning fluid fumes (biological included) .. and where cleaning your home makes you feel sick!

For many years I used only the Dr. Hulda Clark protocols of cleaning with vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate, and yet still I have to scrub and scrub and get nowhere (and I have to breathe in the vinegar fumes). It is the same thing with abrasive powders, creams and biological cleaning fluids .. they all have the same effect = yeugh!

Then, to make matters worse, I noticed a gradual and increasing growth of mold, fungus and slime over the last 10 years. So, from 2000 to 2010 slimy mold and fungus (apparently being transported through the water supply) has become a never-to-be-defeated presence in the home.

I came to the point that I was searching for mold/fungus destroying liquids, while my body was signalling that even the so-called natural cleaners are ???? what words can one use for lung and glandular dislike of these cleaners? Where bio-cleaners stink although they claim: "no-perfumes-added."

By accident, I discovered my own natural solution to this cleaning problem, and this caused me to understand the mess we humans have created for ourselves on every level - from our own lives to the pollution of fresh water and sea water.

Probiotic Home Cleaning
I was using and researching the use of live Kefir grains and their health benefits, when I ordered some tiny little Tibetan Kefir grains and noticed that within weeks these tiny little grains had grown - and were continuing to grow and expand at uncontrollable rates. So, I split the Kefir grains into two sealed glasses, and they began producing more Kefir than I could drink.

Then I got the idea that these live Kefir probiotics could perhaps be the answer to the mold, slime and fungus that nothing else could defeat. So, I watered down the excess kefir with water and I applied this slimy-watery experiment to the kitchen and the bathroom.

To my surprise - the experiment worked.

Not only was I able to easily clean away all kitchen and bathroom surfaces with ease (the next day), but the probiotic water digested everything with no smells and nothing to inhale. This is a living science. One would have to test it out and experiment. However, the implications for water and ending chemical pollution are promising.

If live probiotics can digest and transform mold, slime, bacteria and fungus without the acid smell of chemicals, chemical perfumes - or essential oil perfumes - then perhaps they can also balance our water from acidic to alkali ..

The reason I say that 2010 is the beginning of the end of the chemical world, is because I saw for myself how effortlessly the Kefir probiotic water digested the kitchen and bathroom cleaning issues we have to face every day. This made me realize that the attack-and-kill hard abrasive (but get nowhere) methods we use are totally out of sync with NATURE.

People are being sold 'cleaning products' to sell products - and not to clean or get the job done for longer than it takes you go out and buy the next bottle of cleaner. Maybe that is why I always hated cleaning - until I found an ally in probotic bacteria.

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