Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off the coast of eastern Indonesia today. Western Turkey, was shaken by a 5.3 quake as a magnitude 5.6 earthquake partly destroyed buildings in Kraljevo, Serbia. Mount Merapi, Indonesia erupted violently as the strong earthquake shook the eastern side of the Islands off Papua province, setting off what has been the biggest eruption so far from the continually active Merapi volcano.

Iceland's biggest volcano, Katla added a magnitude 3.0 earthquake to the chorus of activity reverberating around the planet. An earthquake near iceland's biggest volcano Katla, has set off fears of an imminent eruption. Don't hold your breath, but Grímsvötn woke up Katla.

Grímsvötn awakens .. Usually in Iceland when the rivers start rising along with tremors that are unusual and a bit of flooding soon after a volcano erupts. This time it is Iceland's Grímsvötn, the volcano has not erupted but the other signs that something is happening shows. A few days ago the rivers started to flood, raising river levels in the area by around 30cm. Specifically one river in Gigja.

Glacier Melt In Iceland Hints At Volcanic Activity - RedOrbit

As we are seeing increasing volcanic activity - earthquake and tsunami scientists in Iceland began noticing signs of glacial melt around the sleeping Grímsvötn ===>

Scientists said Monday that torrents of water are pouring from a glacier that sits on Iceland's most active volcano, which indicates that the mountain is growing hotter and may be erupting soon.

University of Iceland geophysicist Pall Einarsson told the Associated Press (AP) on Monday that the flood which started Thursday at the Grimsvotn volcano is similar to the one in 2004 that lasted five days and ended with an eruption that disrupted European air traffic.

Not many people have picked up on this (as I write), but a few good sources are reporting on this hardly noticed - pretty serious - unfolding of events. The Iceland Review help us with an explanation of a 'Jökulhlaup' .. I think it's a sort of glacial hiccup .. What is a "Jökulhlaup"?

An earthquake of magnitude 3.0 on the Richter scale occurred underneath the Grímsfjall mountain in Vatnajökull on the night before first indications of the jökulhlaup were observed. [Read the article cos it is very informative. Thank you people of Iceland]

I gather that around October 31 a magnitude 3.0 earthquake woke up Grímsfjall mountain in Vatnajökull, and has since been answered by Katla with a magnitude 3.0 earthquake, 3 days later .. yes things are heating up on planet Earth. The Iceland Review inform us that Grímsvötn, a very active volcano that last erupted after the flood in November 2004, is now being closely monitored for an eruption.

ICELAND – AND THE rest of Europe – are on volcanic/ash cloud watch again. When meltwater began flooding from the glacial lake in the crater of Grimsvotn volcano on Iceland’s biggest glacier Vatnajokull yesterday, geological officials began to fear it might be about to erupt. [this article has some very pretty pictures]

Everyone is talking about either Grimsvötn volcano erupting or Katla volcano erupting .. but what if both of them erupt? Here is a good volcano updating site on the ongoing changes, Vulkaner. It seems that Grimsvötn likes to waken up in November, which is kind of interesting. I wonder if it could also be related to the seasonal positions of the Earth and the Sun. [ How silly of me '.) ]

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