Monday, November 01, 2010

Ancestors From The Future

1.11.2010 .. Our ancestors knew something basic about the Earth's frequencies during the seasons, during the equinoxes and especially at times of the solstice. Unseen and barely detectable frequency doors open and close at key time all over the planet as the cycles of the Moon plays its part in the process I call Astrological Geometry.

Over the last few years there has been a trend of portraying Samdain (Halloween) as a primitive Celtic ritual where ghosts and spirits of the dead pass through our physical 3D world on their way to who knows where. And this fairy-tale is created by a system that has spent the last 200 years sabotaging research into unseen dimensions through ridicule and destroying the lives of those who would dare attempt to go against the Roman Saturnian state and religious laws.

That same system-in-denial feeds global society mentally diminished stories and cultural archeological non-facts making the unseen worlds appear to be a psychological fantasy, in which adults play out that fantasy in a child-like idiotic manner. This is what you are fed and all of you eat it up like la-la-land addicts.

I don't know if any of you have read Frank Herbert's Dune? But there was an interesting concept in Dune and Dune Messiah where the spice addicted fortunetellers and oracle diviners were clouding the 'future' with their readings. My own impression of Dune is that Paul Muad'Dib (Dune's central character) had become the spice. Meaning that he could see the many paths of the future .. those that would lead to the end of mankind and those that led to a world one could live in.

As a 'seer' I can tell you that the whole idiotic psychological behavior of masses of people on key planetary-cycles distorts FOR THEM the whole meaning and potential transformation within those cycles. The truth is that no one today knows what the Celts did at those times, because there is no real account of their culture other than what the Romans wrote. I think the Romans are still writing the scripts for the media and the politicians today.

Coming back from the future, what would you hear, see or feel if you were silent and in tune?

Don't think that your(our) future is an accidental occurrence where the driver is sitting in the past looking out ahead and making all the decisions. The so-called future also comes to us from those who walk ahead.

We are attached to the mothers of the future though an umbilical cord woven from cycles. There are some pretty bad future(s) out there and a few dead-ends .. but something unique inside the minds of the people incarnate on the planet now makes the decision which future and which cycle becomes our reality.

It is not THOUGHT that connects you to the future, it is who you ARE that connects.

All the planetary transition cycles operating now until 2015 will create a non-matrix buzz within the Earth humanoid species. Imagine that your soul goes around and around the 26,000 year cycles (and more) repeating the same over and over again until something changes.

That change is not the isolated individual, it is a deeper change of all the spirits incarnate who work together whether they know it or not. It is an energetic change that triggers a psychological change within the brain.

We do not lift out of this ignorance alone.

Parents of the future give birth to our transformation through linking with us in the same way we link with and remove a child or an animal from a refuge. This is why it is very important that we do not leave people to needlessly suffer, the way the people have been left to die after the latest Indonesian tsunami.

There is incredible selfishness, greed and cruelty on this world; but if we (all of us) refuse this cruelty with our minds - it cannot hold us down and continue to feed from us. This is a bit like Bleache's Orihime Inoue's "Santen Kesshun I reject" defensive technique.

We are currently in an extremely violent outwardly aggressive male attack planetary society. That is not the energy of the future. We do not need to attack, we need to defend. And the ways we need to defend are extraordinary. For example, a future aircraft defends itself with a field and not with direct attack. Nicola Tesla already devised plans for extraordinary defense. When your defense is highly advanced you do not need to attack.

Celtic Ancestors Holes have opened in the skies of Earth and too many spirits are greedy to be born into physical reality. Spirits are flooding into the physical Earth, overwhelming the silence of the spirit Earth. The balance between birth and sustainability has been broken.

Mother Earth is aware of the holes in the sky and is aware of the increasing flood of human spirits breaking the balance between physical Earth and spirit Earth. If this would continue, everyone would die. There is a purpose to life on Earth beyond the physical. That purpose would also be lost.

Many of the changes Mother Earth will make will be slow, over thousands of years, to stop the flow of death and to heal and regrow the force of life. Human beings will be challenged to adapt and change. The ongoing Earthchanges will re-educate man to re-discover his place on the Earth. How mankind responds to the challenges will define the future.