Friday, October 29, 2010

Corn Wheat Sugar Coffee

If you type "corn wheat sugar coffee" into search engines you get, commodity trading... What does that tell you? For those of you whose brain freezes over at the mention of economics the basic facts are...

Changing climate, growing populations, loss of food production to increasing urbanization, loss of fresh water, fresh water 'stress', ecological stress, flooding of farmland, extreme drought, tsunami, hurricane and coastal inundation, commodity speculation (affecting prices & farmers) as well as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather disruptions and world economic wars, conflicts, every man for himself, political turmoil and toxic waste pollution.

Type "food prices" into the search engines in 2010 and you get, 'new legislation' - 'food price crisis' - 'rising cost of food' - 'food prices soar around the world' - 'rising food prices' .. I wonder why?

As a planet we are blindly heading into a chaotic and inhuman crisis in the supply of basic foods. We are intelligent enough to avoid this. We do not have to even have this 'crisis' - while in France alpha male workers burn toxic rubber tires in 'protests' - polluting the fragile atmosphere of the planet that gives all of us life fighting dense lead-headed politicians dither around in circles with no skills other than that they are career politicians who desire 'power'. The males only seem to want to FIGHT.

It is like the blind-leading-the-blind-leading-the-blind.

Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan - JSMINESET
Wheat is slowly grinding higher on dryness fears in the winter wheat growing areas here in the US. The entire grain complex continues to experience supply concerns which is working to push food prices inexorably higher, notwithstanding the load of BS being dished out by the official government agencies that tell us food inflation is tame. I guess they think that we are too damn dumb to believe our own eyes. Corn is slowly closing in on the $6.00 mark while wheat is back above $7.00. Soybeans are over $12.

If that were not enough, Sugar is now up near $0.30 pound, an incredible price. Coffee, while weaker today, is at levels last seen in September 1997! Nope – no rising food costs anywhere in sight...

The Australian Sydney Morning Herald headlines: When Food Runs Out
"An impending food crisis could see escalating prices and shortages in many countries as the cost of staple foods and vegetables reached their highest levels in two years, with scientists predicting widespread droughts and floods."

Investor Ideas headline: The Rising Cost of Survival
"We continue to be shocked and amazed at the size of the cotton moves. These are, without question, going to translate into higher prices for consumers but more at the low end.”

COTTON? You people are so DUMB = D-U-M-B ..
Hemp fibers - used by mankind for thousands of years - are a better local alternative to water greedy / fertilizer greedy / pesticide greedy cotton than any other fiber.

Investor Ideas write, "Fresh water for irrigation and drinking is getting harder to source and more expensive. Food, the energy used to produce our food, and cotton – most of the world lives in cotton – are all moving higher."

If I can (on this Blog) with no financial resources and no financial research income - FOR FREE - research this essential information ... and I have NO RESOURCES ... THEN why can the RICH Governements etc and so on ... not access the same information? With all those trillions and billions of tax-payers dollars and euros?

Around the planet... global tax dollars pay for the ILLEGALisation of HEMP production, HEMP research and local HEMP fiber production alternatives to COTTON [for example]. But there is much much more .. as a planetary society we do not have to be taking this disasterous route. We are not a "Global Society" we are a "Planetary Society", because what goes with the PLANET goes with US.

I should add the isolated small-minded greedy selfish male now wants to build for HIMSELF a GLOBAL Society .. another way of controlling the limited resources he thinks he owns and rules in the tiny kingdom of his own insanity. Why is he so afraid of HEMP FIBERS ???
Among other things ...

I really like BLEACH's Ichigo Kurosaki, who says: "I cannot save every human being on this Earth; but I do what I can..."