Tuesday, October 26, 2010

European Prophets "Future Warning"

It is difficult for the modern mind to understand the very ancient ways of the oldest part of the human brain ... because people today are conditioned only to be aware of the short-attention-span, which one can equate with The Meatrix.. I love it when the pig flies through the air .. "count me innnnn .. " .. so funny!

Bibliotecapleyades - European Prophets allows for an interesting research into the visions from the past and the probable futures of mankind = who are we and where are we going?

Imagine you are driving on a motorway into the future with many other drivers .. where all entrances to the motorway are the 'past' and the road(s) ahead are the probable future(s). The motorway itself is the way many people drive into future destinations.

The situation in France - October 2010 - escalated into a power struggle between the severe Saturnian official RULER STATE and angry victims of the state. Having studied the warnings of the past, we feel there is potentially a third way between the two painful extremes of STATE and VICTIMS of the STATE.

A 'third-way' exists, whether the people on Earth use it or not.

Why does prophecy exist? Does it exist to reveal a future one cannot avoid or does prophecy exist to allow freedom of motorway exit and freedom of choice? '.)

In an ideal world the people of France would awaken to create an intelligent future .. To create a future worth living. Why not? However, the restrictions of FATHER-STATE apparently makes this transformation impossible. A greedy minority feed from a divided majority, leading to violent conflict.

The extreme rigidity of parasitic greedy minority and angry majority could lead to the worst prophecies from the past ..

"A great revolution will spread over all of Europe and peace will not be restored until the white flower, the Lily, has taken possession of the throne of France. Not only religious communities, but also good lay Catholics, shall have their property confiscated. Many of the nobility shall be cast into prison.

"A lawless democratic spirit of disorder shall reign supreme throughout all Europe. There will be a general overthrow. There shall be a great confusion of people against people, and nations against nations, with clashing of arms and beating of drums. The Russians and Prussians shall come to make war in Italy. They shall profane many churches, and turn them into stables for their horses.

"Some bishops shall fall from the faith, but many more will remain steadfast and suffer much for the Church. There will be a great persecution of the Church, begun by her own children."

- Prophecies of Sister Rosa Columba of Taggia

Many Celtic Seers, both men and women, were forced to enter the church, which became the ruling force across Celtic Europe at that time. I was also born into my Celtic heritage aware that the ancient lineage of my ancestors had been destroyed by the church. The Celts were a race of seers, able to communicate with the invisible worlds. many of our 'ancestors' ended up inside the church leaving a fragmented picture of the future for us to follow.

"O Paris, execrable city, for how long have you deserved my indignation! Your inhabitants will one day curse you, for that you have steeped them in your baleful atmosphere, and even those to whom you gave refuge will hurl their maledictions at you, because they have found death in your bosom!"

It seems inevitable that many prophecies will play themselves out in 3D reality. It also seems that humans lack a fundamental intelligence expressed as an inability to change direction when danger-signs and warnings emerge. All parties seemed locked in violence until the bitter end. Then what?

After a long and violent struggle, people will have to begin again - unless the Earth herself intervenes and make survival so important that people no longer have a choice.

In 1790, Helena Walraff predicted: "The Pope will be forced to flee, followed by four cardinals. He will find refuge in Cologne."

Perhaps some of this is unavoidable because of 'karma' .. hundreds or thousands of years can add up to a swing-back in energy whose path(s) cannot be 'predicted'. Those paths are fixed-futures because of the nature of the behavior of humans. In this way Souls are educated over thousands of lifetimes within 3D reality.

Do we really have to manifest for ourselves the worst possible future?

Earth Chamber 11 does not believe that humans are fixed on a set 'future' .. in which chaos and violence forms our future and the future of our children's children. What if you (the reader) considered that your spirit would be born into and inherit a future world you create! What would you do if you were the 'future child' inheriting the future you create now?

Anyone reading through the 'ancient prophecies' will see a pattern, mostly set in conflict and a lack of vision and direction. Celtic Seers had a hidden sense of humour - predicting the inevitable fall of those who brutally destroyed their culture.

Where does you direction come from? Not from authority. Not from ruling religions. Nor from belief.

Your 'direction' comes from the light of the soul .. that spark of eternal light outiside 3D physical reality. This amazing living soul-guidance is eclipsed and suppressed by every religion on planet Earth today - but not in the FUTURE .. In the future the inner sacred light is guiding the people on Earth.

The physical-material battle, struggle, frustration and fear of survival is not the path leading us to a 'future worth living'. We wont reach the exit through anger, frustration, sadness or conflict. The warnings are clear if you have the eyes to see and the heart guide you. The future is the way of the heart, no matter where one lives on this planet.