Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moderate Earthquakes Egypt Australia Afghanistan

A 4.6-magnitude earthquake is said to have shaken southern Egypt Thursday [October 28 2010] with no reports of damage or casualties, Egyptian authorities said. The quake occurred at around 11 a.m. (0900GMT) with the epicenter 10 kilometers underground and 78 kilometers west of Isna, Luxor Governorate, said Salah Mohamed Mahmoud, head of Egypt's Research Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, official MENA news agency said.

A moderate earthquake hit Srinagar Thursday, a senior government official said. The tremor measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale was felt around 9:29 AM throughout the Valley, including Srinagar. The epicentre of the earthquake was Hindukush in Afghanistan. There were no immediate reports of any casualty or damage.

An earthquake measuring 4.5 shook the Australian outback NSW early on Thursday. Canberra seismologist Kevin McCue said the quake occurred at 1.18am (AEDT) and was located in far western NSW about 100 kilometres northeast of Broken Hill and a similar distance southwest of Hungerford on the Queensland border.

In Indonesia Mount Merapi, on the Island of Java erupted again Thursday spewing ash and toxic clouds. Scientists warn that pressure building beneath the dome could trigger a more powerful explosion.

Russia's Kamchatka volcanoes spewed giant ash clouds Thursday forcing flights to divert. Ash clouds from both the Shiveluch and Kluchevskaya volcanoes sending ash 10 kilometers into the air are disrupting flights in the area.

Space Weather Giant Sun Twister: Earlier today -October 28 2010 - a twisted filament of magnetism on the sun suddenly untwisted. At its peak, the twister--or rather, untwister--towered more than 350,000 km above the stellar surface. It appears to have hurled a fragment of itself into space, but not toward Earth; the blast was not geoeffective.

Big Bright Object Near The Sun: Don't panic, it's just Venus. The brilliant 'evil twin' of Earth is passing between our planet and the sun this week... Venus will continue its flamboyant passage for the next few days.