Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nature's Marijuana Sets Out To Save California

06 October 2010 Hot News .. Nature's Marijuana - often working under the pseudonym Cannabis - will attempt to save California from 'bankruptcy' by healing the states debt problem. Hundreds, if not thousands of Californian taxpayers .. [they gave us the Beach Boys] .. added for 'backup vibes °>)

.. are preparing to give a needed boost to the Californian States tax budget ..

The Planet's Plant has been serving mankind for thousands of years, throughout Earth's history, providing mankind with its fibers as well as healing substances as yet unknown and un-researched by modern science.

Marijuana is one of the oldest cultivated plants forming one of the oldest historical relationships with man, giving fibers for cloth, building, insulation, paper, rope and twine, .. Hemp is the name of the soft, durable fibre that is cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus.

This is not just about 'medical marijuana', this plant can save trees by providing paper. Trees take such a long time to grow and to grow healthy trees requires a lot of water .. Hemp can grow in drought plains and the plant does not take a long time to grow. We seriously have to stop using trees for paper.

Hemp fibers can replace and reduce the demand for Cotton [a plant that just sucks water and requires massive chemical/pesticide drama - polluting the environment and destructuring the soil] .. and the West diddle away while CHINA grows and produces Hemp fibers and Hemp cloth ..

China: Hemp to increase farmers' income

Is Hemp illegal because it is a plant that would increase local autonomy, decrease dependance on central producers and having boosted local production would destroy the Global Centralization of resources and production? I think that is a good question!

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