Monday, September 27, 2010

Human Ecology: A Richness of Human Capacity

Sugata Mitra said: "Education is a self organising system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon."

CNN have profiled a recent TED Talk that, in my view, is the educational way ahead for all societies around the world. Sugata Mitra's self organising educational experiment shows children naturally have the capacity and intelligence to teach themselves, and to learn for themselves, when given the chance.

Watch Sugata Mitra's: The Hole In The Wall Experiment

Self Organising Systems: "A self-organising system is one where the system structure appears without explicit intervention from outside the system."

Self Organising Systems also always show Emergence: "The appearance of a property not previously observed as a functional characteristic of the system."

During a Ted Talk in 2006, Ken Robinson said:
"Intelligence is wonderfuly interactive, it is not divided into departments."

"The education system has mined our minds in the same way we strip mine the Earth .. for a particular commodity .. and for the future it wont serve us .. We have to re-thing the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children." - Ted Talks: Ken Robinson

Human Communities Depend Upon A Diversity of Talent

Human beings have an incredible unused capacity to affect their environment in a profound and beautiful way, but that power has restrictions when the species is self-destructive, arrogant and selfish. We have to change, to change our environment.