Thursday, September 09, 2010

Water, Fire and Ice

Major floods in China, North Korea and Pakistan - mudslides in Guatemala, Mexico and Central America. Fires raging across Russia, the most recent fires destroying towns in Siberia .. and ice? In the last two years isolated communities in Peru have experienced such severe cold that young children cannot be protected - they get sick and they die.

In Mongolia nomadic herdsmen have lost most of their animals due to the extreme cold. The polar ice caps seem to be melting fast, and then not so fast .. sea passages are opening up in regions once covered in thick ice - but in some areas ice is building up while ice in other polar regions is melting ..

Water, fire and ice in our dramatically changing world are all part of one phenomenon. In my view this phenomenon is 'magnetic'. I have observed nature all my life since I was a little kid. I pay attention to everything I see .. watching the temperature, how the trees and plants react .. watching the clouds or a clear sky, the rain, rainbows, the small and tiny plants growing unseen in the cracks of the road. I do not think when I am observing the macro and the micro world of nature, I simply look and I do not analyse what I see.

Since my earliest childhood I have known that nature has its own language, and that out of that language humans pluck ideas - like ripe fruit from a tree. However, the language of nature is silent and non-linear .. it just is .. and the human mind has the encoding to listen to, be aware of and understand that language in a unique way.

The way I understand nature is through the flux and ebb of magnetism. The polar caps are not simply thinning and melting away, in some areas they are increasing in thickness. The heat waves are not consistent, they hit an area and then recede, next year they hit another area while at the same time other areas of the world are experiencing the most extreme rains in living memory.

In South Germany I observed two years of extreme heat, where dark black fungi ate away at the leaves of the forest trees. Everything growing seemed covered in a powdery grey fungus, even the hedge leaves, dandelion leaves, silver weed, acacia, sweet cherry and beech. All growth was stunted, only common grass seemed immune to the heat and this dusty fungal growth. The bark of the acacia trees were clearly covered in this heat related substance .. but they survived.

This is why you have to observe and pay attention as your ancestors did. I watched the plants, fruit trees, forest trees and the dandelions over the following two years where everything recovered, grew strong and either formed an immunity .. or adapted. The black fungus receded, the hot weather also receded (it moved to Russia). I put that down to Eyjafjallajökul issuing forth the Iceland Volcanic eruption in April 2010.

Volcanic ash is a conductor of electrical current and magnetic current, and these ionic particles energize or re-energize the living atmosphere. There is the potential for intense electrical storms, and the way I see it for weather stimulation. I may be wrong, but this is what comes to mind. Increased electrical charge, multiplication of ions, alteration of ionic charge due to the volcanic activity brings powerfully charged electrical storms and powerful rain storms.

Just imagine that, you (we/all of us) are spirit-energy inhabiting physical matter, and the human brain inside the skull is born of nature, is born of the Earth .. so you brain grows like a mushroom or a tree. It is born of nature .. which means you have the codes of knowledge born of the source of nature - just like an animal has, or a tree or a rock. You have natural information and you have natural understanding. You are an undivided part of nature.

If you pay attention you may become aware that there are ongoing local as well as worldwide magnetic flux changes, and these changes are affecting the weather. If you access the ancestral knowing you will discover that these changes are totally normal. This is the bio-pulse of the planet(s). In 2010 we are getting answers to mysteries. What affected Egypt? What caused the decline of great civilizations across India, China and Tibet? What caused the demise of the mysterious stone-builders in the Highlands of Scotland, across South England and in Ireland? What happened to the Toltek civilizations or the Anasazi Pueblo people?

Look at what is happening in Pakistan! Today's 'false science' teaches that rivers and galaciers gradually change over millions of years, slowly grinding down rocks and slowly shifting silt. Stop and look at what is happening in China and Pakistan. Incredible, massive movements of water are reshaping the landscape - and this is what happened to our ancestors.

You have the 'memory' inside you .. this is nothing new .. encoded ancestral information of the cycles are there inside the human genes, inside the brain, inside the human mind for anyone to access.

Every so many thousand years the Earth goes through radical cleansing and a renewal process. Mass flooding, fires, ice melting, ice growing, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tidal fluctuations, mud slides .. are all part of the way the basic ground of the planet renews itself. In relation to these natural changes we humans are like ants. This process of land and river renewal alters the environment over hundreds of years. We have to adapt to those changes ..

People are born and people die .. we humans are also a renewable resource. Part of the Earth ..