Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Digging for Oil On Florida's Beaches

As the media have been ramping up government environmental claims of 'no oil pollution' in the Gulf of Mexico (apparently the oil has gone), and there are claims of almost no oil on the beaches .. the question is have microbes digested the oil, or is the oil lying at the bottom of the ocean and buried under the sandy Gulf beaches?

Well! Folks! If the oil is under the sand YOU are not allowed to dig it up!

Feds to reporter: No digging for oil on Florida's beaches .. Videos on CNN and reports across the Internet have been complaining about BP and the Feds stopping reporters from digging under the sand to find oil. "A Florida reporter looking for oil and tar balls in the Gulf Islands National Seashore last week was told by federal authorities that it was illegal to dig in the sand -- you know, on the beach." Onearth Report

Obviously, if the oil is not under the sand BP and the Feds would not be telling reporters it is illegal to dig in the sand looking for oil .. right! °>)

Even better is the story of BP's missing $500 million 'Research' funding of the effects of the spill on the Gulf .. apparently the money is just not going anywhere fast in terms of funding scientific research. "Thanks to these delays, key research opportunities in the wake of the spill could be missed." BP's missing research money

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