Monday, September 06, 2010

Amazing Outdoor Oven Bread

Okay! Continuing my bread baking series .. I think I have become a 'bread geek' on top of being a computer geek .. and here is an interesting YouTube video of a guy baking his own bread in a 'primitive' outdoor oven of stones.

Pretty neat style!

Video: Making and Baking Bread in a little earth oven

If you have never baked your own bread .. it does not always turn out as the best bread in the world .. because  baking bread is a living science. There are good days and there are bad days. Atmosphere, air moisture, moon cycles and air pressure all play their part in the activation of and behavior of yeast cells.

So, this outdoor oven bread (in the video) is even more amazing, because when you bake outdoors you have to know and understand the temperature of the stone oven and the effect, plus the way you work with the stone oven to be able to make a really good bread!

In addition I also found a nice site on the secrets of Italian Bread, with recipes and pretty good guidance on how to bake a variety of Italian style breads.

A special thank you also to the millions of yeast cells .. °°° .. ;-)