Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Are The World ..

It does not matter where you are from .. if you come from the Middle East, Pakistan, China, Europe or America. It does not matter if you are Native American, Indian, South American or if you are from Russia, Indonesia or .. Greenland .. YOU are the world and the world is you ..

The physical human animal is programmed to focus on a short term awareness where this focus is intensified by 'survival-issues' also driven by fear. But your SOUL .. your SPIRIT .. has no programming issues .. and has no survival issues .. because the SOUL is eternal and the SPIRIT is beyond death.

Children of the future will naturally move and shift within this universal TRUTH with little effort .. as though their awareness is freed from any force of GRAVITY. Nikola Tesla, was the initial universal manifestation of free-energy, and a new mind awareness of the people on planet Earth. However, the true defining factor in this equation is YOU.

It does not matter if you are aware of your own inner free-energy presence on planet Earth NOW or in the FUTURE! Across all dimensions of Time and Space your inner Spirit, your inner Soul, is totally aware of its own timeless presence.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said: "You are the world and the world is you .. "

On a higher level of awareness this fact comes from ones own UNIVERSAL SELF. It does not come from the words or teachings of another, it comes from within. The SOUL is its own unique manifestation of universal life regardless of location, time or form .. in which there is a level of awareness beyond time and space, beyond science and religion.

All people of planet Earth - manifest as spirit beings inhabiting 3D physical matter - are part of the Universal Divine Spirit. On a sub-atomic level you know who you are. There is a reason your spirit has incarnated here and now. The strength within you lies in you knowing who you are and in why you bridge the worlds now in this time.

Nothing happens by accident .. and you are not here by accident '-) Suns, Stars, Planets, Galaxies and Universes have a purpose. It is up to you, in your own way, to find out why you are here, what your purpose is and in which way this merges with the purpose of Universal Mind.

I was born into this world with an awareness of my Celtic Ancestors, but what connections do these Celtic Ancestors have to the rest of the world? On the Spirit world levels they are at peace with the rest of the world. We are all born from the same source. We may have different physical forms, climate, location on Earth .. but on a SPIRIT level we are one and the same.

If you consider that we are all born of the spirit of the total humanity, this demands wholistic observation in which you are part of the whole of mankind. The children of tomorrow will naturaly know this truth, but will you bring this spiritual truth into your own life, and transform the existence of all mankind?