Thursday, August 05, 2010

2010 - Where Food Is Food & Not An Investment

So, now it begins .. August 2010 .. President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian grain exports, as the drought cuts into grain crop yields. Exports of Russian wheat, barley, rye, corn and flour have all been banned, by the worlds third biggest wheat producer.

I am beginning to realize 2010 is a crucial turning-point for mankind. In the not-too-distant market speculation on food futures .. food resource speculation will be viewed as criminal activity (a crime against humanity). This is a volatile time for the human race. 2010 is only the beginning of a 're-education' as to what is really valuable, what is really necessary and what is correct and honourable behaviour.

The rules are very simple to understand: you need air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat .. then you need a shelter and you need to keep warm - or if temperatures are really high you need to keep cool. Then you need to be able to grow and secure your own food supply.

Key words over the next ten to twenty years will be: Water, food supply, farmers, dam deconstruction, organic growers, co-operation, local-food, sharing, renewal, irrigation, permaculture, earth houses, hemp, innovation.

The most important issue to be resolved is the speculation on food prices, played though the global bank/hedge-fund Casino, where to make a profit on essential-to-life resources is as unacceptable as the Gulf-of-Mexico oil disaster.

Recently, the Guardian reported on the garlic gold rush in China, where garlic became the best performing commodity. What does that mean? It means that a basic food substance becomes a 'price-speculation' Casino, where tons of garlic are hoarded in warehouses to push up the value for SPECULATORS. I predict this kind of activity will become illegal across the world in the next few years.

The next level will be overall 'Food Speculation' where hedge-funds, banks and commodity traders send the price of food skyrocketing or diving into the depths of poverty (for the farmers) #*# .. and without a doubt this is going to be stopped. Starvation Casino will fortunately not be our future .. because if we were to navigate in that direction .. it would be one of the most catastrophic paths we could take '-)

I don't think we are going to take that path .. it may be that some of you may waken out of dreams where you see yourself in another parallel Earth dimension, where the physical architecture is different or the situation you see around you is different .. perhaps oppressive or can be amazing.

I feel, that when such dreams occur, we are entering other worlds connected to our soul. In other words, you inspire your lowest most trapped self (in parallel Earth dimensions), just as your most highest self inspires you.

If you were to imagine you are an indigo-blue orgone-orb inhabiting this Earth dimension, with your day to day bio-operating-system connection to this level of existence on this plane. What factor changes the dynamics of your soul-connection existence allowing you to transform within the parameters of this incarnation? The factor is 'you' - whoever you are. The problem is this is not a though-based operating system dynamic. In reality, you are all orbs within the parameters of your soul. [It's in the picture]

Don't get me wrong .. I found this by 'accident' and I had no idea that the picture would show me what I had already experienced in my dreams. I am not in any way connected to the WingMakers on an Earth Internet level '-)

So what does this have to do with floods, grain harvests, food production, population, natural disasters, speculation and why we are here on Earth? Your bubble bursts and you get onto the other side .. and that is where the fun starts!

All aspects of who we are on a soul level expand across all dimensions of time and space, and the core essence of the soul knows who we are .. from the highest to the most petty actions (behaviour). This cannot be falsified. On the soul level, we know who we are. So, the relationship is: "know yourself". Your relationship is with yourself.

It does not matter if you waken up here or on a lower world dimension vibration .. In the end it is all ONE.