Sunday, August 15, 2010

Best Bread In The World

It does not matter if the bread is baked in a Hindu Kush or in a village in China, in Africa or the most remote Islands, in North America or in Russia .. bake it yourself and it is the best bread in the world. Take your bread baking skills to another level and it becomes a human co-operation project.

Our ancestors made their own bread, they built their own houses, they made their own tools and they lived their own lives. You don't know how to build your own house, because you don't have to know - it is done for you .. as is everything else.

All you have to do is go out and earn money (if you can), and use that money to fire the global flames of consumerism. Don't sit at home and bake your own bread .., be free .. go out and have 'fun' .. while the labours of industry bake your bread for you .. and sadly that is our society today. That is how we live.

Many of the impending food problems, shortages and price hikes will come from the INDUSTRY being starved of its supplies. Your family may need flour to bake bread - but the giant consumer of essential products: 'The Industry' .. also needs those basic supplies to make products to sell. In the short-term future 'Industry' will conflict with the basic needs of the individual and society. Food is a shared resource for the survival of mankind - it's as simple as that.

I am not talking about the small local baker who know everyone in the surrounding area. I am talking about the .. well .. essentially 'The Beast'. The too big to save monster of human consumption. The faceless thing that supplies you with everything you need and that you depend on every day of your life. I call it 'The Beast', because it does not exist for love or joy of life on earth - it exists to PROFIT from .. whatever it can consume. The beast is, in reality, consuming people and their lives.

We are not better off going into the store and buying mass produced bread, pizzas, spreads, sauces and all the other precooked non-essentials. We are all better off eating: "The Best Bread In The World" .. and that is the bread you bake yourself. Suddenly, life becomes fun, as food is no longer something you pull out of a packet and consume.

This Blog Post was supposed to be about my loaf of bread. Once I had baked my bread, something out of the blue said: "The best bread in the world" .. and I thought, wow! What a great title! I can't let this die .. I have to use this. I set up my semi-artistic photo-scene and I photographed my out-of-the-oven bread.

This gets to the original reason for my bread post, which began with one loaf of bread .. in which all the facts about the ugly beast of consume-and-be-consumed came after that original concept. Strangely, the original concept came from the spirit of my 'Celtic Ancestors'.

I was taught to bake my own bread as a young kid, and like everyone else I got lazy and did not take the time to cook my own rice and bake my own bread. The Alchemy behind this bread-post is that I can see our spirit ancestors, and I became aware that the 'Spirit Ancestors' were watching me eat this store bought bread and they were asking me:
"What are you doing?"

They did not have to say much, I knew what they were telling me .. so I started baking my own bread - and on the days that I did not bake bread, I decided if I don't bake it I don't eat it .. it was as simple as that. Then I got a lesson on how we alter and condition our own bodies.

I was eating only my own hand-baked bread, and I got the body - or the body got me - away from mass-produced-bread in which there is no love .. which is a 'consumer product'. Then I just happened to grab a wholewheat bread from an Organic store, and this was supposed to be 'healthy' .. so I thought I would get away with it, but when I got home my body did not like the smell and when I tried to eat it my body did not like the taste. It was awful, I could not eat it.

Just starting with the bread, I now find that I cannot eat any kind of mass produced food .. even if it is a quality Organic product. I am beginning to realise, there is a reason my body does not want to eat this stuff! The lesson is, when we consume mass-produced-food every day we dull the body down, and we don't smell how dirty it smells (plus they put aroma in there to change the decaying smell). I can detect the smell behind the aroma in prepackaged food, when I eat only food I prepare myself.

Let's say that we buy flour and we bake our own bread and that 10 percent of the cost of the flour would go to buying flour or grain for people in the world who are so poor they struggle to feed themselves. That change alone would surely make your bread the best bread in the world. Maybe in the future? Maybe one day soon ..