Monday, October 11, 2010

Athenian Real Estate Panic and Bank Crisis

How Trading Bankers Always Collapse - A Guide To The Future? It is no accident that the fall of Greece, Europe and America has its roots in ancient Athenian sneaky tricks and slight of economic hand between 'wealthy friends' .. This is a PDF file from Martin Armstrong AthenianCrisis found on the website of .. the Gold website that (as Gene Roddenberry said) dares to go where no man has gone before °>)

Martin Armstrong politely calls this a "banking crisis" .. are we headed into another banking crisis? But EarthChanges11 asks: Is BANKING the correct word for this crisis? Armstrong goes on to say that, corruption between the governments and the bankers is nothing new ..

During the 4th Century BC, money that was donated to the Gods became the 'temple treasure'. Typically, the government would borrow from this hoard of cash. In Athens, there was one of the early banking crisis events in what we would call the Secretary of the Treasury so to speak and his banking friends .. The Temple kept its donations in the Opisthodomos.

The Temple was not earning interest on its hoard of cash. The treasurer agreed to lend the money to personal banking friends who would then pay the treasurer interest that he could then personally put in his pocket. When the banking crisis hit and there was a liquidity problem, the banks could not repay the loans to the Temple.

Demosthenes (384-322 BC) tells us that banking transactions were completely confidential in Athens. He tells us that the rich could "conceal [their] wealth... in order that [t]he[y] might obtain secret returns through the bank .. [go read the PDF]

Aristotle in his "Politics" argued against the idea of supply and demand insofar as he saw the problem from the demand side disconnected from supply. Aristotle thus saw that the problem that demand would rise and fall and sometimes exceed the supply without just cause.

You really have to make an effort to read this report and understand what is it showing you, because as long as you are ignorant of the forces blindsiding you into the illusion of elite banking welfare for the rich .. you, your children and your grandchildren will be slaves to that illusion.

The basics of real 'economics' are land, water, shelter, food and resources. Watch any of the Survival Videos by Ray Mears .. begin with his Sweden Survival video series: Ray Mears in Sweden part 1/7 which are fun to watch .. or go search his other wilderness extreme-survival locations.

I have studied univeristy economics, but I cannot separate economy from local resources due to ancestral awareness and I cannot separate economics from basic survival .. my early Pictish / Celtic Scottish ancestors lived for thousands of years in a direct living relationship with land, water, resources and food.

My basic tutorial is: Place a paper currency on the table in front of you and place beside it blades of grass, vegetables, rice, lentils, seafood, fish, meat or herbs .. even the simplest herbs have more nutritional value than the printed piece of paper currency.

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