Saturday, December 12, 2015

Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells

You have cells in your body that current science does not know exists and if they knew they would not understand the capacity and nature of those cells #_# .. [It is true] .. and we currently cannot create this cell rejuvenation water [technique] .. but they could create it in the distant past and they can create it in the future. Secrets of Life
I talked about as yet undiscovered cells in the human body that science would not understand [their functions] even if they discovered the existence of cells. I have a good imagination and I share with you my imagination of the future that today is only a mythology. Let me share with you this mythology. The mythology of: Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells.

When spirit incarnates into physical reality the relationship between incarnate spirit and physical [electrical] body is not like sitting at a computer interacting with the computing systems. The difference is that the cells of the physical body are: 1. Plastic = the cells adapt to and respond to the psyche. 2. There are antenna cells.

Spirit becomes one with the body and the cells of the body become one with spirit.

I was thinking about this today and it seems whatever created spirit created physical matter. I would imagine that spirit was first created and physical experience was created after the creation of spirit dimensions. In a sense spirit is the egg that gives birth to the physical chicken.

I imagine that originally the concept of spiritual purity and spiritual power was related to physical body detoxification because the cells are electrical [frequency] receptors .. and any tech geek will know that you have to keep your electrical connections [frequencies] clean to receive voltage and signals.

The missing electrical energy link is: What connects incarnate spirit to physical cells and physical cells to incarnate spirit? Again you have the three principles [triangle] of spirit .. physical and ???

Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells
Why should physical humans take time to clean the cells of the physical body? Why is this cleansing process of the physical body so strong in the process of ancient religions over the centuries? In my view because there is an aspect of the cells of the body acting as higher consciousness antennas.

Why would you have to keep cells of the body clean #_#

Hidden in the body are what I call: Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells. These cells represent the Third Principle. Their frequencies interact with and connect incarnate spirit with the physical body. In this sense the triangle [pyramid] represents physical reality merged with spirit.

Some people argue do the deities of Ancient Egypt represent physical extra-terrestrials or dynamic inter-dimensional energies [persona] .. and the answer is BOTH !! Simply because the higher interacting dimensions are part of the electrical energy matrix and are part of extra-terrestrial intelligence [phenomenon].

If you are aware of electrical fields and the transmission of electrical frequencies .. then you will know that you cannot transmit and receive signals through dirty [corroded] degenerated hardware [receivers]. Are all of you still with me +_#

My own mythological experience is that I have a built in cellular transmitter / receiver [psychic] activated through electrical energy fields powered by my incarnate spirit interacting with the physical body. So .. physical nutrition [food] is only one part of a dynamic physical process. I have to keep my cells clean!

As the body ages the toxins build up ...

To make this clear about the necessity of clean purified cells .. imagine electrical circuit transmission lines that send electrical power to your homes where the lines become degraded. It's the same thing... You use electrical frequency in your homes to power lighting .. heating .. computers .. WIFI .. telephone .. communications and so on. Imagine the carrier lines became degraded.

Electrical field degeneration is known in the sound transmission field. Cables transferring sound frequencies can pick up electrical interference where the signal becomes distorted. It is the same for the cells in the physical body. Toxic cellular degeneration means a degeneration of the electrical capacity of the cells.

Humans eat and eat and eat throughout their lives. Our ancient ancestors probably took as much time to cleanse their biological system as they took to eat nutrients and nourish their system. Today that simple but powerful yin yang balance has been lost. We live our lives and rarely make an effort to clean the cells of the physical body!

Some ancient spiritual traditions saw deep physical cellular cleanse as being a necessary part of higher consciousness awareness levels [psyche / meditation]. There are reasons for this!

As with balance of yin yang duality forces that are one .. the cells of the body prosper in states of both nutrition and cleanse. For example .. cells cannot absorb nutrition when they are compromised by toxins. In the same way super clean cells cannot function without necessary nutrition. Both aspects are essential to life.

Physical body cells have to be both clean and energised with nutrition. When there is only cleanse cleanse cleanse .. there is no nutrition. When there is only eat eat eat there is no cleanse. When people have no food cells starve and when people have only food cells starve.

Antenna Cells
We inhabit 3D Third Dimension .. so inside the Third Dimension there is the foundation of duality and there is the higher 3rd principle. We have the triangle in which duality is incorporated. The unseen antenna cells are part of the third principle. This is the principle that unifies matter and spirit.

The whole physical-spiritual mix is in there inside every human being.

As a technician it is not my concern how people connect with this tri-dimensional phenomenon. I am concerned with the purity of cellular electrical fields and the efficiency of electrical currents [receivers and transmissions] .. which is basically about communication fields.

All cells in your body are communicating.

In inter-cellular terms: Toxic degeneration is NOISE. As cells degenerate the disruption of the cells can be described as noise or INTERFERENCE. Because cells have to be able to LISTEN in order to COMMUNICATE.

To activate the third principle: Antenna cells .. the ancient traditions would regularly detox the body to PURIFY the SIGNAL. Balanced nutrition is one part and detoxification is another part of the puzzle. The electrical signal [frequency] is another part of the puzzle.

Antenna cells require unified functions between spirit and matter = frequency.

In this respect balanced physical and cellular detoxification becomes incredibly important. The cells can only absorb nutrition when they are healthy. What defines health? What defines balance? In some respects: Electrical resonance. Transmission / receiving is related to noise / silence.

The cells have to be clean to transmit and receive information.