Friday, January 01, 2016

Space Time Dimensions - Connecting Realities

I had very strange experience visiting friends...

Being unusually very awake until 2:00 - 2:30 AM [in the morning] I would go to the balcony to look at the stars and let the cats in and out. I talk to the night sky and the stars .. and ask them a thing or two. Only to be met by penetrating silence.

Just as you move from one room to another in a house .. different realities interact with Planet Earth and Earth humans. Rather than their movement being one physical room to another .. their different realities move across space-time dimensions as easily as we walk into different rooms.

I talk to different realities .. that are usually always met with deep silence!

I think that nothing much is happening out there in the dark skies tonight. Then I go to bed [to sleep] and I see unusual beings walking across the room and they then silently walk through the glass doors of the balcony .. as I fall asleep.

The Nordic Beings
I doubt they call themselves the Nordics .. but for some reason we Earth humans call them the Nordic Beings .. and mankind has been interacting with them for tens of thousands of years [millions of years].

This is a drawing of the last walk through.

I was looking up at the skies to deep silence .. and when I was ready to sleep a tall Nordic being walked across the upper living area of the house .. out onto the balcony and disappeared.

This was the answer: We are not UP THERE .. we are DOWN HERE. The dimensions are like connecting rooms in space and time [we do not yet understand].

Rather than draw exact dimensions I like to draw to capture the atmosphere and sensations .. which are much more important to our development than actual 3D physical material realities. Physical 3D [matter] is a vehicle for spirit.

There are dimensions that are more dynamic interactions of matter and spirit that Earth humans would tend to call paranormal. Those other dimensions seamlessly interact with Earth as all space time has one form. We may see / experience beings walk through walls .. but that is our own distorted perceptions.

Connecting Realities
All time and space is a psychic journey .. a psychic path. Time and space is a landscape phenomenon to allow psyche [spirit] to journey through pathways connecting inwardly where the outer journey leads within.

All realities connect within.

All journeys of space and time are internal and not external.

When you drive in a car from point A to B your mind / psyche uses the car and when you arrive you leave the car to do what you have to do on entering the location. The car is a vehicle you use to travel. In the same way physical reality is a vehicle for spirit [psyche].

The Earth physical dimension is never disconnected from the other dimensions as spirit is primary dimension that uses all other dimensions as a vehicle for learning experiences. This is why all dimensions can interact.

As an example .. when you go into a room in the house all other rooms do not exist for you until you go to those rooms. The rooms you use are the primary reality when you are using them.

It is the same for dimensions and inter-dimensional travel.

Spirit can have different awareness levels that relate to different dimensions in the same way you know other rooms in the house exist even though you are not in those rooms at that time. The physical material body cannot go there just as psyche [spirit] can travel to different dimensions.

It is important to have awareness of other dimensions both inside and outside oneself. Yin yang balance of outer and inner dimensions is the most important factor. If you do not have this yin yang balance of the inner and outer then all kinds of strange effects can cause disturbance and fear. Balance is essential.

Different beings walking through the rooms of the house were exceptionally balanced. Not only were their minds [awareness] balanced .. but their bodies were exceptionally balanced. This balance is the silent language.

To be afraid of the unknown is the worst enemy of mankind.

The unknown [the paranormal] is essential to spirit / psyche navigating through matter. This is an electrical reference point similar to radio signals. Matter cannot exist without the binding force of electrical fields and electrical currents. The human psyche uses electrical fields to navigate and communicate with material world(s).

Observing reality is much more important than someone telling you what reality is. This is why other dimensions do not answer our questions when worlds collide. SEEING is its own answer. Universe is consciousness.

Just as you use a telescope to look at the stars .. when you see or are aware .. you use universal consciousness to be aware. Consciousness is universal. So .. awareness of a cat dog tree human is an illusion. There is simply awareness. All physical life forms are part of the same network.

This is your undivided universal whole.