Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Serpentza: Taking Risks - Overcoming Failures

I post this video for many reasons .. this is one of my favorite Vloggers .. living in China. I like what he does because he says things as is. I am a Tech Geek and I like Tech style videos. Even if I do not ride a motorbike .. I like to understand the Tech-World of Motorbikes [when well presented].

The reason I post this video and suggest you pay attention to what Serpentza says is..sss beecasuse .. everyone who reads my Blog should be able to survive any hardship [no matter what] .. stay calm and follow the Guidance [no matter what].

I have often taken risks in my life .. I am a bit adventurous and I take risks!

This ability to not be afraid and take risks has helped me save many people's lives [since I was a small child]. I have also had to survive without food over many weeks and I have been "homeless". I took a risk and I found a job .. but I had nowhere to live. All I had was my tent. I put my tent in a camping place [pretending to be a camper] and I left for work each day at 04:30 AM.

I would return home to my tent and my friends and companions were rabbits eating the grass... It is kind of funny that as a human being my friends were rabbits [where other humans are so far away in their own worlds].

But .. I survived !!

The reason I post this video is because the so-called wealthy WESTERN SOCIETY will soon experience difficulties similar to Greece [maybe a lot worse] .. and this stress will probably be felt in Asia [Easter countries].

Russian and the East probably have more internal capacity to deal with financial existential emergencies than the more "wealthy" Western countries. On many levels so-called WEALTH can also make you weak. Especially when you do not have it. Then comes the Karma return of the more wealthy aggressive countries behavior towards weaker countries.

It is a matter of psyche .. your inner mind-set and inner resolve.