Monday, January 11, 2016

Natural Fat Gut Solution [Foods]

I said in my last post [Does Bacteria Create Body Fat] .. how I was visiting friends and on returning home I was experiencing bad fat gut [fatty tissue] that was totally abnormal [for me] after 10 day visit.

My friends have the same gut problems [at their location] even though they eat "healthy food". Sooo .. what was [is] the PROBLEM ???

I noticed my gut fatty tissue continued to grow even after returning home where I eat my usual non-fatty-tissue healthy fresh foods. In my own mind what does this mean? In my own opinion it means that there is some kind of bacteria or virus [introduced into my gut] that is causing my body to store fat [neutralize acidity].

After 10 days I decide to really take out this unknown gut infestation...

The strange symptoms were: Internal pressure in the gut colon. Rapid increasing stomach fat. Bloating. Probably swelling of the Intestinal tissues. More than this there was an internal ecology problem forming. So .. what did I do ??

The hard core solution was: One and a half pint fresh juice.

I mixed: Celery .. Carrot .. apple .. Daikon radish .. juice.
I drank this juice down all in one within 10-15 minutes.

That worked for me and the next stage: I used food rather than supplements to send curry spices and garlic with dried pepper spices through my gut. Traditionally I use food to absorb and transmit gut beneficial spices through the colon. I do not make these spices ultra super hot. I temper the ratio to be one of healing the gut through anti-bacterial food sludge method.

I cooked a vegetable curry with lots of fresh garlic and I added this to freshly cooked rice. The reason being that rice holds the spices in a form that allows them to transit through the colon more slowly. The bacterial killing effect is stronger than if I took Cucurma [Turmeric] supplements.

In 12-24 hours the effect of the juice and the spices worked = the bloating was gone !! But .. I do not stop there !! The next day I do an ultra fresh garlic bomb. I grate 2x large fresh garlic cloves into melted butter [you can use olive oil] .. and I put this [bomb] mixture onto steamed potatoes.

The potato to holds the fresh garlic in the gut longer.

It worked .. the gut [colon fatty] pressure drastically reduced. I no longer had this bad uncomfortable fat stomach colon pressure feeling. In two days [48 hours] I am back to my earlier comfortable feeling [in my gut/stomach].

Why Suffer?

I do not stop there .. after 48 hours !! I continue to use spices and methods I know [self taught] to aggressively clean my colon in natural ways and detox my gut of unnatural bacteria. Humans are internal environment interacting with external environments.

The fresh garlic potatoes were a bomb .. I don't usually do this [so strong] .. but as a natural food medicine it works! The fresh garlic burning in the mouth detoxifies the tongue all the way down through the esophagus into the stomach and then into the intestines. In my present experience it has worked for me [so far so good].

I use food as anti-bacterial as well as nutritional ...