Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quantum Transition Zones: Past Present & Future

Within the Quantum Transition Zones one sees many layers of human experience and consciousness. The fact is that these Transition Zones are neutral and silent. No problems exist .. only answers exist.
Recently I received new powers [I did not seek out]. It is like the power of the SEER in Celtic mythology .. where individuals are born with an ability to see the future or to see future events. There is no choice .. the SEER experiences events whether they like it or not.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said: Truth is pathless.

That sounds kind of harmless and benign .. but the truth is there are invisible unseen powers in this World that govern human existence on many levels. For those who understand Karma and Karmic flow .. threats from the mundane World really have no meaning. It is quite funny really.

Stay calm and be yourself no matter what! The Invisible Worlds taught me to be aware of the paranormal and higher worlds and not to focus on the petty mundane World. No matter who you are .. Silent Central Qi [energy] interacts with and creates the future now. Inside us as well as around us.

Transition Zones Past Present & Future
Leave the stagnating forces .. there is nothing one can do! There is a higher gentle force that deals with different levels of Karmic reality. You nor anyone else has to [needs to] deal with degenerating stagnant forces. Let life deal with it!

I do not care on which levels of human reality these Transition Zones manifest.

I was shown the Transition Zones [also related to healing] as they exist [like Planets] throughout the Universe and the dimensions. No amount of fear of the unknown will change that reality .. these Transition Zones exist no matter what the mundane state of any culture or world view.

In some way it is kind of funny that the petty mundane [$$$] world can think that it has the power to block or destroy a Universal reality that energetically holds together this physical existence that they depend on to exist. Sorry! That was a LOT of WORDS >_<

Since maybe 2011 I have been receiving new and intensive training from Invisible World Beings. I had no idea where this was going. Just imagine you are having training in the Martial Arts for the psyche and mind. Imagine you are training now for future incarnations... That the Universe is hi-tech.

Hi-Tech Universe
Of course the Universe is hi-tech! Everything we do .. everything we create depends on the Universe. Our whole technology is based on universal principles. At the same time this technology already exists everywhere and all around us. Humans borrow these fundamentals - copying Nature - and in clumsy ways attempt to build those systems using metal conductors and electrical currents.

Just think the power it takes to create life and bind the Universe in a coherent form. This Universe creates [builds] matter while laso effortlessly decomposing matter back to its building blocks to be used again. As Dannion Brinkley says: Nothing ever dies!

Our spirits leave the Planet at the end of the life cycle .. but the matter that made us who we are simply goes back to its original form. Whoever or whatever created this is a genius! Who knows? Maybe we created this ourselves? Are we are living in a dying Universe? Or are we are dying in a living Universe?

Energy that orbits Planets and Suns is the same energy that keeps life flowing on the surface of the Earth. That is a powerful big energy .. but do you feel it? Does it crush you? Are you even aware of it? The energy flow is so subtle it is most difficult to be aware of no matter how much we practice!

This is Transition Zone Earth [whole Planet].

In the future built on the Planet will be human designed Transition Zones based on the hi-tech flow of the Earth. These zones will be connected to key points in the Galaxy and naturally to other dimensions. The surface Earth populations will not be as large as they are now.

Planet Earth periodically goes through planetary turbulence cycles. In the past it was those turbulent cycles that sent humans back into a primal survival state. Even underground civilizations were destroyed in some of those upheavals. Some of them ended up under water .. meaning the whole underground structures were forced under water.

The Masters of Reality can track those violent cycles and often work with planetary civilizations to relocate populations across different part of the living timeline. There are two ways to get born: The spirit can incarnate into physical bodies or groups can relocate as part of using Transition Birth Zones.

These Transition Zones alter the molecules of the body to some extent to align them with entry to the new zone. Current society genetics have done this Transition Zone moving around many times .. but people forget. Time travelers never forget. Incarnation or reincarnation is how the spirit time travels through space time.

The Masters help out different planetary civilizations because they do not want to lose the DNA genetic strands. There is a lot of valuable information in the DNA that is also an integral part of the surrounding space fields. In this respect you cannot assume that space is separate phenomenon from you.

The body is space!