Sunday, January 31, 2016

Honeycomb of Dimensions [Realities]

All the Dimensions are connected in each Dimension Zone. Each Incarnation is part of many Dimensions. People who think that there is nothing but "Me" and then death .. it just means those people are fragmented in their internal awareness. All you have to do is ignore them when they attack you .. because it is not relevant. Maybe you were once like them? You have to have compassion to protect yourself. Compassion is the ultimate connector across space and time.
I was working with the Transition Fields phenomenon. This was not something I chose to do .. it simply came out of nowhere. Say you are walking on a mountain trail and you cannot see what is on the other side. When you get to the top of the trail you can see the valley below. It is the same with psychic phenomena.

All my life I am on a journey .. exploring reality .. we can call this a trail or path.

I am not just making this life journey .. I also have skills. Part of the journey is applying the skills I have to the real world. What is real and what is unreal? When I dream realities merge. One of my skills is to expand my awareness of the levels of reality on this journey [on this path].

I come to a point where I do not discover the Transition Zones phenomenon .. but I re-discover the Transition Zones. On one level it is new to my singular awareness and on other levels I recognize this phenomenon. It is a bit like situations where people travel to some ancient architecture or dolmen site and in the moment seeing the place is new.

On other levels the people have an experience that they have been there before and sometimes they have reincarnation experience. Things change .. things are different .. without knowing why or how .. it just happens.

The experience itself does not really matter. What matters is the upgrade .. the new awareness .. the change. When you upgrade a computer operating system [any system] .. if the upgrade hangs on: Please wait until the upgrade is completed... #_#

Once this awareness becomes part of you the upgrade is irrelevant.

The only technical thing I can add is that all upgrades [downgrades] are directly related to who we are across space and time / across time and space. It is all a complex dance of the spirit. The dance is the entire tapestry .. the entire connection of the one who does not die. The one who never dies.

Related to the Transition Zones phenomenon .. what dies is the physical being .. the physical psyche .. the physical experience .. the physical mind and all its associated connections. When you leave your home and you move to another part of the Earth .. the person you were "dies" and the person you become is born.

The physical body lives [incarnates] on a Planet .. but the spirit who never dies can travel through a honeycomb of dimensions and realities. That was the next level I was shown relating to the past and future Transition Zones.

I have to laugh at myself! I thought I was seeing and experiencing transition energy / matter areas that connect dimensions similar to an airport. I thought this is what I was working with. You walk in .. it is like a modern Dolmen site .. the transition work takes place within that zone.

Next I can see this giant Sun like ball which is honeycombed. All the honeycombs are connected around the surface of this giant Sun [structure]. Each honeycomb is its own dimension .. but at the same time all these dimensions are connected.

By connected I mean that Incarnate Spirits [higher advanced societies] can move around [travel] within all these related dimensions. In a sense you have all these alternative "Earths" and some where there is no Earth at all. On these levels people know you .. they recognize you and everything feels familiar.

Those other worlds are not like here .. they are all different! Are all connected!

They key to Transition Zones is that the CONNECTION is OURSELVES... You do not need a space program and technology. We are the technology. Much more advanced and much more sophisticated than anything humans can build or fly around in.

At some point in the future they are not going into space craft and flying around the Solar System. They are using natural Transition Zones. Natural Transition Zones that are built into the Planet and every other Planet.

To imagine that we develop technology and travel around the Solar system in the same way we developed transport from the horse to the car or the plane is ?? not compatible with the way the Universe works.

Everything on Earth is the RESOURCES: A horse .. wagon .. cars .. ships .. trains .. planes! In the Transition Zones it is not resources. That is why this side of Ufology is considered to be related to the paranormal. When you do not need resources the journey becomes paranormal.

In reality it is simply another discipline .. another level.