Monday, February 01, 2016

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations

In my post Honeycomb of Dimensions [realities] I wrote:
You have to have compassion to protect yourself.
Compassion is the ultimate connector across space and time.
Now I explain why!

Everything in the Universe has electrical charge .. and you can have low electrical charge or high electrical change. It does not matter who you are or what you think and believe. Ultimately all there is are variations in electrical charge.

I will give you examples of variations in electrical charge... If you attack someone .. if you bully someone [negative charge] .. if you love someone .. if you show compassion [positive charge]. How does this affect physical body? Negative charge = acid PH and positive charge = alkali PH [in general]. There are many in-between electrical charge variations.

This is just a general introduction to my basic understanding of what I was shown about the link to Karma [energetic] and physical experiences [electrical charge]. This is a future science.

I simplified this process .. as it is actually much more complicated. There is energy [spirit] .. and there is electrical current [body] .. and there is mind [psyche]. In this respect physical body mind and spirit are connected and they are ONE.

The blood flowing through the body is electrically charged [in its healthy state] to a certain frequency. Apart from this the blood and glandular fluids are electrically charged. The blood flows through the veins using this polarity / electrical charge. The heart [gland] is not a physical pump but the heart is a powerful but subtle electrical capacitor.

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations
The problem is that I am writing in English. If I was writing in Asian languages this would be instantly understood. It does not matter if you use Chi or Qi .. there are languages and understanding outside of English.

Now I have to use the word: Electric / currents.

Most people do not know the effect frequencies of electric currents can have on the body. The mind [psyche] uses electrical currents. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with the body. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with itself. The body uses electrical currents to communicate with the brain. It is yin and yang!

Compassion is also an "electrical current".

When dealing with electricity we have many variations in currents and charge. One example is the electrical charges from a volcanic eruption. Another example is the electrical charge from lightning. Then you have electrical charge within the human body. There are also electrical charges within and around the Sun.

Each cell within the human body has an electrical charge!

Within the human psyche you have connections to higher levels of electrical charge or you have connections to lower levels of electrical charge. This is like a natural filter. If you want to drink pure water without contaminants you filter the water. If you drink water polluted with contaminants you drink water polluted with whatever ??

All connections are variations in electrical frequencies.

The whole physical domain is primarily related to electrical charge. This electrical charge is also related to negative emotions or inner compassion. In ancient times compassion was primarily used as physical and psychic protection. The electrical charge of compassion acts as a shield.

Not many people today understand this.